Development and design of beauty instrument program

The beauty instrument is a machine that adjusts and improves the body and face according to the physiological functions of the human body. According to its function, it has various functions such as w

  • Model: Development and design of beauty instrument program

The beauty instrument is a machine that adjusts and improves the body and face according to the physiological functions of the human body. According to its function, it has various functions such as whitening, skin rejuvenation, freckle removal, wrinkle removal, hair removal, and weight loss. Simply using skin care products can no longer meet the expectations of consumers who want to pursue a youthful state. Making the skin younger, more delicate, and maintaining a firm state is the direction they want to continue to work hard on.

1. The working principle of the beauty instrument

To put it simply, there are two ways of using physical methods to clean the face: sonic and rotating. The sonic cleansing instrument mainly relies on vibration to achieve cleansing. If the vibration frequency is relatively low, it will affect the effect; but on the other hand, because the friction on the horizontal surface is reduced, the damage to the skin will be relatively small. The cleansing device that uses a rotating method to clean the skin uses tension to clean the skin. The advantage is that it has good cleaning power, but the disadvantage is that it may cause a certain irritation to the skin.

Compared to simply washing the face by hand, the advantage of the cleansing beauty instrument is more obvious, that is, it will really be cleaner than hand washing. But it needs to be reminded that even so, you can't give them all the focus of skin care. Don’t be lazy when removing makeup, and if you have acne, don’t rely on cleaning to solve the problem. Remember to clean the instrument itself every time you run out of cleansing beauty instruments, otherwise bacteria on the instrument may also occur. Breeding problems.


2. Is the beauty instrument useful?

Fighting gravity? Just relying on beauty equipment is not enough. The appearance of nasolabial lines, forehead lines, all lines will make people scared, so whenever there is a product that claims to be able to "effectively tighten the skin" and "significantly improve wrinkles", it will be exciting. I want to buy it and try it. . But are these products really useful? The answer is not necessarily.

The reason is very simple, that is, research on numerical values and actual operations are actually two different things. Once a day, 20 minutes each time, use it on the whole face and strengthen it in blocks, or use it with gel 1-3 times a week... These seemingly simple words actually have very strict frequency requirements behind them, buy them back The ambitions at home are often worn out by reality. Of course, the effect of using it after thinking about it cannot be compared with the effect of the research. You know, the research in the laboratory is used regularly, quantitatively, and qualitatively. It is definitely not like fishing for three days and drying the net for two days.

Three, the type of beauty instrument program

The technologies used in common household beauty equipment are: ion, ultrasound, LED phototherapy, micro current, microdermabrasion, microneedle, radio frequency, electric pulse, etc. These technologies range from medical beauty, to beauty salons, to the ranks of ordinary household beauty, from all kinds of big foreign electrical appliances, to research institute brands, to domestic small appliances and even cottages: many use or claim to use the technology. Kind of technical beauty equipment. As long as the selection is reasonable and the products are excellent, they can indeed play a very good auxiliary role in our beauty, skin and body industry.

1. Negative ion beauty instrument program

Ion is a technology that most Japanese beauty instruments have, and its main function is to import and export. How does ion play a beauty role? To put it bluntly, it still depends on electricity. The negative ion beauty instrument uses ultrasonic negative ion atomization technology to convert water into mist while releasing negative ions. It can open the pores and promote blood circulation to achieve the most effective hydration for daily facial beauty. It can really play a role in nutrition and deep cleansing. It can achieve more thorough cleansing and maintenance of skin with acne and blackheads.


2. Ultrasonic beauty instrument program

(1) Definition of ultrasound

Ultrasound is a kind of sound. It's just that its vibration frequency (18000 Hz) far exceeds the band that human ears can feel. The new generation of ultrasonic beauty instrument is designed safely, and it is difficult to directly feel the vibration on the skin with one million vibrations per second. This vibration can penetrate the skin 3-7 cm through a special ultrasonic gel as a medium, causing frictional movement between the cells in the skin, activating the internal activity, killing bacteria, exporting pores and dirt, and making the skin tendons healthy and beautiful.

(2) The working principle of ultrasonic beauty instrument

Mechanical vibration: It can put pressure on the cell in an instant, and penetrate into the cell, causing a series of reactions. Promote metabolism; decompose diseased substances; emulsify skin to make it compatible with skin care products; expand blood vessels; clean pores; warm blood and accelerate blood circulation; burn fat cells and bring out excess fat.

Deep warmth: The energy generated by mechanical vibration and frictional movement between cells is converted into warm energy in the inner layer of the skin (the temperature of deep tissues rises by 1-2 degrees), which can speed up blood and lymph circulation, which is beneficial to the skin. Jiankang, and has analgesic effect, relieves muscle tension and rigidity.

Deep foaming: Through the foaming effect of the special gel, it can remove the dirt in the pores, sterilize and reduce inflammation, and make the skin shiny and beautiful.

(3) Advantages of ultrasonic beauty instrument

Because ultrasound directly affects skin cells, the wrinkles of the person who has just used it will have an immediate effect of obvious changes. The effects of so-called healthy foods that have to be absorbed by the digestive system and transported through the blood circulation take a long time to see. For our most commonly used skin care products, due to the skin's natural function of resisting externally collected substances, it is not easy to be absorbed, and the effect is unlikely to be obvious.

Softening tissue has an obvious role in beauty, which is to soften thrombus. Therefore, it can correct the deformed microvessels and restore them to normal, thereby eliminating redness, redness, and acne marks. It can also healthy skin, make our skin develop to alkaline, and delay aging. Because it accelerates the metabolism, it also has a better effect on removing acne marks and colors. By promoting blood circulation. It can tighten skin and enhance facial contours. That is, the ultrasound itself has a variety of cosmetic effects.

The ultrasonic wave emitted by the ultrasonic beauty instrument is a kind of vibration that penetrates the skin and directly affects every cell, activates the blood and lymph, and makes the skin's basic nutrition. In this way, within a short time of using ultrasonic beauty, dark spots and wrinkles will no longer be obvious. However, this effect will disappear after a week or so. So, using it every day without interruption, coupled with the aid of good skin care products, lasting about 3 months, you can turn your physical health into real health. Have shiny, elastic and bright skin.

In fact, ultrasound has obvious effects on the treatment of wrinkles, acne, various types of spots, various pains, constipation, and weight loss.


3. LED phototherapy beauty instrument program (photon skin rejuvenation instrument)

There are many names for phototherapy in the promotion of beauty equipment, such as LED, light pulse, infrared, photon skin rejuvenation, optical skin treatment and so on. No matter what instrument you use and how you call it, you generally use one or more of the red, blue, and yellow lights. These three types of visible light are completely harmless to the human body and have no side effects. It is the three most suitable and gentle light sources in the solar spectrum. There are foreign medical papers and empirical evidence for each light wavelength. As long as it is a standardized beauty instrument, everyone does not need to worry too much.

Red light skin rejuvenation removes wrinkles, reduces fine lines, reduces pores, and improves scars (also effective for acne pits); blue light reduces acne; yellow light whitens calms, resists allergies, and inhibits dark spots. In addition, there are many combinations of light, such as purple light, which is a dual-frequency light of red and blue light, which has the dual effects of curing acne and lightening acne marks; and green light, which also has a better effect on removing spots.

The photon skin rejuvenation device is a patented technology product of strong pulse photon with wide spectrum and special wavelength. Its therapeutic effect on vascular and pigmented lesions has been widely recognized by the society. After 4~6 treatments of photorejuvenation, satisfactory results can be obtained. Photorejuvenation can also remove wrinkles and treat erythema on the skin, with an overall uniform beauty effect.

4. Infrared beauty instrument program

Infrared rays use the changes caused by the warming effect to promote the rise of skin surface temperature, the improvement of subcutaneous blood circulation, the relaxation of muscle tension, and the function of regulating the normalization of autonomic nerves. It can be used for the treatment of skin diseases and skin beauty. health care. The main cosmetic effects are anti-inflammatory, promote skin metabolism, and promote blood circulation.

5. RF radio frequency beauty instrument program

The full name is Radio Frequency, which is a more popular technology nowadays. The most common ones are bank’s core month and bus card. And used in beauty. It is a skin photoaging treatment technique with minimal side effects. Because the high frequency wave has the characteristics of the shortest distance between the electrodes, when it enters the skin and flows in the biological tissues, the resistance of the human tissues can generate energy 0, which causes the skin to have a thermal effect, shortens the collagen fibers, and activates the production of fibrous cells. More collagen. If it acts on the fat layer, it will also dissolve fat.

Therefore, the main function of radio frequency is to enhance firmness (shorten collagen and tighten the skin), wrinkle skin rejuvenation (promote collagen production to plump the dermis), and face thinning (promote subcutaneous fat decomposition). The parties with wrinkles, double chins, nasolabial folds and even sagging skin after liposuction can all be excited.


6. Aromatherapy beauty instrument

The aromatherapy physiotherapy instrument atomizes and completely decomposes the added plant essence and Chinese medicine through ultrasonic oscillation, and then releases a large amount of steam, with essential oils and Chinese medicine ingredients, so that the human epidermis can be easily absorbed.

7. UP pulse beauty instrument program

It means high-energy ultra-pulse electroporation, which is also called electric pulse and electroporation in some propaganda. It uses high-energy pulses generated between bipolar currents to instantly open the gap between cells and form an input channel for effective ingredients, making it a growth factor that is usually difficult to penetrate. In particular, some cosmetic ingredients that are difficult to absorb by the skin (such as hyaluronic acid, collagen, placenta, etc.) can be effectively and safely supplemented to the dermis layer to maximize Play the effect of beauty ingredients.

8. MFIP beauty instrument program

The full name is Mild Frequency Interval Pulse. The literal translation is mid-cycle interval pulse. This is a unique patent of Arrivo Ghost, which is not available on other beauty machines. The principle is to divide the 4 levels into two groups into one group, and the groups send out electrical pulses intermittently. In human terms, the flow of electrical pulses at intermittent intervals can achieve the massage effect of professional masseurs' finger pressure and percussion.

9. Micro current beauty instrument program

That is, electronic muscle stimulation. To put it bluntly, its beauty effect is to use intelligent low-frequency micro-current to send micro-current signals to the facial nerves, imitating the natural muscle activity of the human body, repeatedly soothing and contracting, so that the delicate facial muscles under the skin can be gently exercised. Improve the firmness of facial muscles, make the muscles firmer, and the skin surface will be smoother and more elastic as a result, achieving the effect of lifting and shaping the face. In addition, because it does consume fat, it is also helpful for face-lifting.