Development and design of pedicure machine program

The pedicure machine is a high-tech health care device integrating massage, meridian, holography and reflection. It is easy to operate, has significant effects, has no side effects, and can also maint

  • Model: Development and design of pedicure machine program

The pedicure machine is a high-tech health care device integrating massage, meridian, holography and reflection. It is easy to operate, has significant effects, has no side effects, and can also maintain health. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the human body’s internal organs and the feet have a corresponding relationship. There are more than 60 acupoints below the ankle of the human body. Massage these acupoints with a foot massage machine. Promote the circulation of blood and visceral organs. Adhere to foot therapy before going to bed, which can help calm the nerves, urge you to fall asleep, and make your dreams sweeter. Foot reflexology machine is an ideal way to adjust the physical condition and relieve the pressure of life.

1. The market situation of pedicure machines

China is the country with the earliest origin of foot therapy. There are records of foot massage in China thousands of years ago. According to textual research, pedicure and acupuncture were the therapies of "same root" in China. "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step", "Cracking a child's face, walking light and healthy", these words all explain the importance of foot health. Feet play an extraordinary role in a person's life. There are about 8 million employees in China's pedicure industry and 300,000 pedicure companies. The daily turnover of pedicure companies across the country is about 1 billion yuan. The pedicure machine market is showing a thriving atmosphere. Today, when people pay more and more attention to medical care, "family foot therapy" is becoming a popular trend in health care. During the holidays, everyone likes to go out and walk around, go shopping, and when people are sleepy and tired, go back home and soak their feet with hot water and do a "family foot therapy", which will surely sweep away the exhaustion.


2. The health theory of pedicure

1. Foot reflex zone health method-nerve reflex principle

Neural reflex is a response of the human body to external stimuli. When the body's tissues and organs appear abnormal, the reflection area corresponding to the foot will appear bubbles, sandy, granular, bar-locked, and small nodules. When massaging these reflex areas, there will be a very obvious tenderness. This pain will be transmitted along the afferent nerve to the central nerve, and then through the central nerve to regulate and send out new nerve impulses to transmit to the tissues and organs in the body, which will cause a series of neurohumoral regulation responses, stimulate the body's potential, and adjust the imbalance in the body status.

2. Traditional Medicine-Principles of Bioholography

Holography is a science developed in modern times. The holographic theory actually talks about the relationship between the whole and the part. We cut the branches of a whole plant and insert it into the soil. It will grow a new individual that is exactly the same as the original plant. The human being as a whole, each of the organs with independent functions in the human body contains the overall information and images of the person. There are many organs with independent functions in the human body. Why do we pay so much attention to this part of the foot? The foot reflex area massage mentioned here does not exclude massage on other parts, but foot massage has greater advantages than other local massages. This is the superiority of the holographic theory: the human foot is better than other organs such as hands, ears, The nose, lips, etc. are all large in size, and the amount of information contained in the human body is large. At the same time, the foot muscles are relatively thick, capillaries are dense, nerve endings are rich, the structure is complex, and it is far from the heart, which is the weakest part of blood circulation. The foot massage is superior to other organs, which is the best choice.

3. Meridian theory-Principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine Meridians

Meridian theory is the main theoretical basis of Chinese medicine and an important content of traditional medicine in the motherland. Five thousand years ago, the Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic of China recorded the document "Guan Zhi Pian" that foot massage can make people healthy. Meridian is a "channel", and people who are blocked by the channel will feel uncomfortable. The meridian circulation line is connected by the acupuncture points of various parts of the human body. There are many acupuncture points on our feet. When we massage the reflex area of the foot, these acupuncture points will be stimulated. It is the same as the principle of blood circulation and reflection. The meridians are conducted along the lines to clear the meridians. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that "pain is not clear, and when it is not clear, it is painful". This is the truth, so massaging the reflex area of the foot can play a role in clearing the meridians.


Three, the principle of the pedicure machine

The pedicure machine combines the meridian theory of traditional Chinese medicine, bio-holographic theory and modern medicine. It is a new type of intelligent pedicure machine with intelligent pedicure machine robot hands, dozens of three-dimensional bionic massage methods, and can automatically locate acupoints. It is improving, Three highs in the elderly, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, enhance immunity and inhibit free radicals, play a very good preventive and therapeutic effect. The main health theories and working principles are as follows:

1. The pedicure machine integrates domestic leading technologies such as microcomputer simulation and mechanical mechanics to simulate the massage techniques of professional pedicureists, compile them into computer programs, and store them in the memory chip of the microcomputer system.

2. Synchronization of two feet and two points: The conclusions drawn from research and experimentation by scientific researchers show that the effect of two feet and two points pedicure is 3 to 5 times higher than that of one foot and one point.

3. Not restricted by any time or space: The foot therapy machine is like bringing a professional foot therapist home. It can "autonomous foot therapy" casually after bathing, before going to bed, and watching TV programs every day.

4. Three-dimensional bionic massage method: from the sole of the foot, the inside of the foot, the outside of the foot, the back of the foot, and even the ankle, massage from multiple angles and all directions. The intelligent robotic hand can cover 64 reflection areas on the soles of the feet, put it in your feet, and automatically massage the reflection areas, speed up the blood circulation of the human body, dredge the meridians, and open up silt.

5. With professional foot therapist's technique, the pedicure machine is set with automatic control program. When it is time to exert strength, the robot hand pinches very strongly, and when it should be light, press it very gently.

Fourth, the efficacy and benefits of the foot massage machine

First of all, pedicure can promote blood circulation and metabolism. In winter, people’s body temperature is lower. Foot therapy can improve blood circulation in the feet and promote blood circulation in the feet and the whole body. At the same time, the increase in blood can also improve heart function, reduce heart load, regulate the secretion of various hormones by various endocrine glands, and promote metabolism. . Secondly, pedicure can improve the body's resistance and immunity. Winter foot therapy enhances the body's metabolism and improves the resistance to foreign pathogenic microorganisms. Third, pedicure can beautify the brain and improve sleep. Regular foot therapy can regulate the meridians and qi and blood, speed up blood flow in the head, and replenish the oxygen and nutrients needed by the brain in time. Often pressing the sleep reflex area on the feet can also inhibit the cerebral cortex, making people feel comfortable and relaxed in the brain, which can not only speed up falling asleep, but also deepen sleep. Fourth, foot therapy can relieve fatigue and relieve stress. In winter, it is easy to make people feel sleepy and tired, especially office workers, who have a lot of work pressure. Proper foot therapy can relax the body and relieve mental pressure.


Five, people who are not suitable for pedicure machines

1. Skin diseases of the feet, such as athlete's foot, abscesses, ulcers, etc. on the skin of the feet. Or a fresh or unhealed wound on the foot, or a broken foot.

2. Diseases with hemorrhagic or bleeding tendency, such as blood in urine, hematemesis, hematochezia, etc. or diseases such as leukemia and thrombocytopenia. Or patients with severe heart disease such as severe heart failure, heart failure, kidney disease such as renal failure, or coma due to heart and brain diseases.

3. People with impaired consciousness, extremely weak, extremely nervous, highly sensitive skin, mental illness (especially in a state of excitement and mania), epilepsy, etc.

4. Allergic physique and those who are allergic to this product. Or women during pregnancy and menstruation. Cancer patients, patients with severe osteoporosis, patients with high temperature and fever, malignant tumors, and patients with active tuberculosis.

5. Users with the following electronic devices are not allowed to use this product: medical electronic devices implanted in the body such as heart pacemakers, medical electronic devices that sustain life such as artificial heart and lungs, and medical electronic devices outside the body such as electrocardiogram scanners.