Development and design of electric footbath

Footbath refers to a container used for foot washing and massage. Generally divided into two types, one is an electric footbath (footbath), a plastic basin with thermal massage function; the other is

  • Model: Development and design of electric footbath

Footbath refers to a container used for foot washing and massage. Generally divided into two types, one is an electric footbath (footbath), a plastic basin with thermal massage function; the other is a solid wood footbath, generally made of cedar wood. For an electric footbath, add water to the footbath to turn on the heating button, so that tired feet can fully enjoy the hot foot bath, which can improve blood circulation and accelerate blood flow, so as to relieve body fatigue, soreness and other discomforts Or eliminate.

1. The health theory of foot bath

Foot thermal bath is an effective physiotherapy and health care method in traditional Chinese medicine sweat therapy. When the human foot is stimulated by external temperature, it can expand the blood vessels of the foot and increase the skin temperature. In addition, the bump massage and The magnetic force promotes the blood circulation of the feet and the whole body to accelerate the blood circulation of the feet and the whole body, dissipates plantar deposits and eliminates fatigue substances in the body, and ensures smooth and improved blood circulation, thereby regulating the functions of various endocrines and promoting each endocrine The body secretes various hormones.

The foot is one of the places where the human body’s meridians converge. Each organ of the human body has a specific reflection area on the foot. Foot reflexology is a valuable heritage of Chinese medicine. It has a traditional history of more than 3000 years. Corresponding reflex areas and acupoints in the feet produce nerve reflexes, activate the functions of sensory organs, enhance blood circulation, regulate endocrine disorders, and balance blood pressure. After use, they can enhance blood circulation and have a good auxiliary effect. Foot massage and stimulation can stimulate the human body's potential functions, adjust the body's yin and yang imbalance, relieve the body's tension, and achieve the effect of disease prevention and health care. It has the effects of self-care and longevity.

Second, the principle of the effect of the foot bath program

The foot bath has been involved in daily life. Adhere to the "hot foot bath" every day, relax muscles and collaterals, promote blood circulation, regulate and balance human secretions, relax nervous nerves, activate peripheral nerves, delay human aging, and more effectively prevent various vascular diseases in humans. Each organ of the human body has its own reflection area in the hands and feet. The reflection area is the focal point of the nerve. Each point is related to an organ of the body. Using mechanical and physical methods to stimulate these reflection areas can make the emission area related to the body. The blood circulation of the organs is improved, and the effect of disease prevention and self-care is achieved. The blood brings nutrients, oxygen, hormones, antibiotics, and other substances, while taking away waste products through the circulation to expel toxic substances in time. The pure physical reflection method is used to stimulate these reflection areas, mainly using mechanical physical methods to apply light and heavy pressures to the corresponding reflection areas. The result is a certain physiological change in the human body, even if a certain imbalance The abnormal state can be restored to a normal state of coordination, so as to regulate sub-health and other uncomfortable symptoms, and play a role in health maintenance and disease prevention.


Three, the function introduction of electric foot bath

1. Automatic heating and heat preservation: The foot bath massager adopts energy-saving flowing water direct heating type, which can effectively control and maintain a comfortable water temperature for the human body. After starting up, it can be adjusted at will between 35~50℃ to reach the temperature you set. Automatically maintain a constant temperature state, so that you can enjoy the comfort brought by the foot massager.

2. Bubble impact massage: The bubble tank of the foot bath massager can release a large amount of bubbles to impact various acupoints on the sole of the foot, promote blood circulation, and play a health care role in massage.

3. Vibration massage: The bottom of the foot bath massager is equipped with a vibration motor and hundreds of massage particles. The high-frequency vibration after turning on can fully stimulate the acupoints of the feet, promote blood circulation, improve metabolism, improve sleep quality, eliminate fatigue, and improve health. Improve disease resistance.

4. Water impact massage: The front side of the foot bath massager has a jet of water jet, which impacts the acupuncture points of the feet, which can relieve muscle tension and soft massage, improve the microcirculation of the feet and promote physical health.

5. Ozone removes beriberi, foot odor, and feet: The foot massager can produce ozone bubbles and dissolve in water. Soak your feet with water containing active oxygen to kill all kinds of bacteria on your feet, so your feet will naturally not grow. Athlete's foot.

6. Infrared massage: relieve muscle tension, promote blood circulation and improve metabolism.

7. Magnetic therapy and health care: The foot bath massager is equipped with permanent magnets at the bottom to form a low magnetic field network to cover the feet. The magnetic field penetrates the foot acupoints, which can produce a comprehensive effect of multiple effects and promote the health care effect.


Fourth, the heating technology of the foot bath program

1. Glass tube heating: Glass tube heating is achieved by circulating a water pump through a heated glass tube. It is also the most common on the market. It is basically used by all manufacturers. The heating is fast, the safety performance is slightly higher, and there are also safety incidents. .

2. PTC heating: PTC heating, this heating method is that the heating tube jacket and the insulator are directly in the water. This heating method is prone to safety accidents and the heating is the slowest. It is commonly used by many small manufacturers.

Five, the antibacterial program of the foot bath

The fundamental way to prevent the harm of bacteria in the foot bath is to carry out anti-bacterial treatment against the bacteria, thereby blocking the source of the bacteria in the foot bath massager, so as to promote the health of the feet more comprehensively and effectively. The metal ions in the antibacterial footbath come into contact with microorganisms to destroy the protein structure of microorganisms, causing the death of microorganisms or dysfunction. When trace metal ions come into contact with the cell membrane of microorganisms, the cell membrane is negatively charged and coulometrically attracts the metal ions, so that the two are firmly combined. The so-called microdynamic effect causes the metal ions to penetrate the cell membrane and enter the microorganisms and protein The sulfhydryl group reacts to solidify the protein, destroying the activity of microbial synthase, and may interfere with the synthesis of microbial DNA, causing the microbe to lose its ability to divide and proliferate and die.

In addition, silver ions can also damage the microbial electronic transmission system, respiratory system, and material transmission system. Since metal ions are generally carried on a slow-release carrier, the metal ions with antibacterial properties are gradually released during use, and antibacterial metal ions have antibacterial effects at low concentrations. Therefore, through the release of antibacterial metal ions, inorganic antibacterial agents can Play a long-lasting antibacterial effect.


Six, the correct use of electric foot bath

1. Pay attention to the moderate temperature when taking the foot bath (the best temperature is 40℃-45℃), and it is best to let the water temperature gradually heat up according to the foot adaptation. The time for pedicure health care should be 30-40 minutes. Only by maintaining a certain temperature and ensuring the prescribed foot bath time can the maximum effect of the medicine be ensured.

2. It is not advisable to take a foot bath before and within 30 minutes after a meal. During foot bath and foot therapy, some drugs may cause blistering, or local skin redness and itching. The external treatment drugs used in foot baths have a relatively large dose, and some drugs are still toxic, so they are generally not suitable for consumption. At the same time, after the foot treatment is completed, the affected area should be washed and dried.

3. During the foot bath, the blood vessels of the feet and lower limbs are dilated and the blood volume increases, which can cause acute anemia of the head, dizziness and dizziness. Foot baths are not suitable for patients with symptoms such as bleeding. For those with heart disease and weak body, the time of foot massage should not be too long, generally no more than 10 minutes.

4. Drink warm boiled water within 30 minutes after massage (patients with kidneys and heart disease may drink less) to facilitate blood circulation and have a certain detox effect. It is not advisable to eat food during foot massage, as this will increase the burden on the stomach and may cause nausea and vomiting. Foot bath is different from foot washing. Foot washing is to remove bacteria, dirt and sweat from the skin surface of the feet. Therefore, a foot bath cannot be used instead of foot washing. Before the foot bath, you should wash your feet with warm water to wash away the bacteria, dirt and sweat from your feet before you can take the foot bath.

5. It is not advisable to take a foot bath before and 30 minutes after a meal. During the foot bath, the blood vessels of the feet expand and the blood volume increases, resulting in a decrease in blood in the gastrointestinal and internal organs, which affects the digestive function of the gastrointestinal tract. Foot baths before meals may inhibit gastric juice secretion, which is not good for digestion. Foot baths immediately after meals can reduce the blood volume of the stomach and intestines and affect digestion.

6. The foot bath is effective using the synergistic effect of medicine and heat. The liquid medicine needs to be kept at a suitable temperature, and the liquid medicine should be changed when it is slightly cold. After bathing, you should immediately wipe off the water on your feet and put on warm clothes to avoid colds.

7. During the foot bath, the blood vessels in the feet are heated and expanded, which reduces the blood supply to the head, and the patient may experience dizziness. At this time, the foot bath can be suspended, and the symptoms will disappear after the patient lies supine for a while. You can also wash the feet with cold water to constrict the blood vessels of the feet to relieve symptoms. If the medicine used in the foot bath causes skin irritation, the foot bath should be stopped immediately. If necessary, you can go to the hospital for treatment.