Massager program development and design

Brief introduction of massager programA massage appliance refers to a machine that can simulate human hand massage, allowing people to enjoy a comfortable massage easily and conveniently, reducing fat

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Brief introduction of massager program

A massage appliance refers to a machine that can simulate human hand massage, allowing people to enjoy a comfortable massage easily and conveniently, reducing fatigue, and achieving the effect of health care and body strengthening. It is a new generation of health care equipment developed based on physics, bionics, bioelectricity, Chinese medicine and many years of clinical practice. Users can experience the wonderful feeling of acupuncture, massage, massage, hammering, cupping, scraping, weight loss, immune regulation and other functions. Using several independent soft-touch massage heads can relax muscles, soothe nerves, promote blood circulation, strengthen cell metabolism, enhance skin elasticity, relieve fatigue, significantly reduce various chronic pain, acute pain and muscle aches, relax the body and reduce stress. Reduce skin wrinkles.

Types of massagers

At present, massage appliances are mainly divided into two categories: full-featured massage chairs with comprehensive functions and superior performance, and small massage appliances that have relatively simple functions but are portable and flexible.

With the increase of manufacturers, the types of massage appliance products are gradually enriched. While massage chairs continue to be enriched, small massage appliance products with more portable and flexible characteristics are gradually being produced. Gradually extend the segmented massage appliance market for feet, legs, waist, back, and head.

Among them, small massage appliances can be derived from three different massage appliances according to different parts.

(1) For foot massage, a product called a foot bath is derived, which is specifically aimed at a container used for foot washing and massage. The main function is to relieve fatigue and maintain health.

(2) For facial massage, various hand-held micro and small beauty devices with beauty as the main purpose are derived. Although the names of these beauty devices such as face and eyes are different, their core principles are still the same as massage The appliance is the same, but some details are changed for the facial beauty function.

(3) For other parts of the whole body, there are various gripping, covering or hand-held massagers. Various ergonomic shapes are designed for different parts, which is convenient for users to intensify massage on the most needed parts.


Technical principle of massager solution

Although there are many types of massagers on the market and their prices vary greatly, the basic technical principles are nothing more than the following:

(1) Fixed vibration massage: pure motor vibration can only vibrate massage at fixed positions such as the back, waist, legs, etc., with a single technique, which is a low-end product solution.

(2) Positive and negative fixed massage: Single motor control, although it can massage the shoulders, back, waist, and legs in the forward and reverse directions, but it cannot move up and down. It is also a single entry-level low-end program.

(3) Dual-motor control massage: Two motors are used to control the movement of the massage hands, which can be used for kneading, tapping, walking and other massage techniques, which can realize some common massage combinations, but the massage accuracy is still not high.

(4) Multi-motor 3D three-dimensional massage: using three or more motors to control, with 3D control motors, pressure sensors, the massage hands can be stretched back and forth, and can simulate advanced massage techniques such as hand pressing and scraping. And the action is rich and accurate.

(5) Intelligent health massage: On the basis of 3D stereo massage, more sets of digital discs, pressure and speed sensors, temperature sensors, muscle electrical sensors are added, which can realize the priority massage techniques that simulate human hands. In addition, wireless communication modules, access to the cloud, big data and health expert platforms are added to provide users with more scientific massage suggestions, help users customize their own massage methods and duration, and store massage data in the cloud for analysis and training. Correct the user's precise health massage concept.

Massager program development process

Whether it is high-end or low-end massage appliances, there are generally three core components: housing, motor and model, circuit board, and different accessories, such as various sensors and wireless communication components, are used according to their functions.

Therefore, the development process of the massager is to provide functional description first, then structure design, circuit design, program design (motor driver, massage function program, sensor function program, communication module function, APP production), and the basic functions of the program are completed. After that, prototypes are made for debugging, then small batches are produced and sent to professional laboratories or quality inspection agencies for testing, and finally mass production is officially launched and put on the market.


Massage market analysis

Massage culture originated from the meridian theory of Chinese medicine. It is mainly used to relieve human back pain and other sub-health symptoms. The main consumer group is the elderly. In recent years, as the sub-health group has become younger, the consumer group of massage appliances has also become younger. .

In the context of global integration, the global massage appliance market has developed rapidly, gradually moving from Japan, East Asia and Southeast Asia to North America, Europe and other regions. The European and American markets are mainly massage small electrical products, and the main consumers of massage chairs are located in Japan. , South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and other East Asia and Southeast Asia regions.

Since entering the 21st century, after decades of market cultivation, the massage appliance industry has formed several major consumer regions in North America, Europe, East Asia and Southeast Asia. In the field of production, with the rise of China as a world manufacturing center, the world The massage appliance industry chain began to shift to my country. At present, the production of massage appliances in Taiwan has basically completed the transfer, and Japanese manufacturers have gradually withdrawn from the production of low-priced products such as small massage appliances and low-end massage chairs, focusing on the R&D and development of massage products such as high-performance full-function massage chairs. produce.

my country is a global massage appliance research and development and manufacturing center, and has formed an industrial chain integrating design, production, sales and service. The overall supply of the industry is relatively sufficient. In addition to satisfying domestic market consumption, products are also exported to other countries and regions around the world. At present, massage appliances have become the segmented product with the largest export value in my country's medical equipment and equipment industry. The United States, South Korea and Japan are the top three export destinations for my country's massage appliance products.