Massage chair program development and design

Introduction to Massage ChairMassage is a traditional Chinese health care method. It is based on the theory of viscera and meridian of Chinese medicine, combined with modern medical achievements, and

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Introduction to Massage Chair

Massage is a traditional Chinese health care method. It is based on the theory of viscera and meridian of Chinese medicine, combined with modern medical achievements, and acts on specific parts of the body surface to adjust the body's physiology and pathological conditions to achieve the purpose of healthy physical therapy.

There are also different types of massage appliances, including massage chairs, partial massagers, and massage cushions. Among them, massage chairs were once considered a "family luxury" because of their relatively high price. With the improvement of residents' consumption level and the popularization of the concept of health preservation, more and more consumers buy massage chairs. For people who sit for a long time to work and study, massage can improve blood circulation, improve backaches and prevent illnesses. It can also improve sleep quality, relieve body fatigue, improve posture and exercise health.

Massage chairs are the product category with the largest market share and the highest added value among massage appliances. At present, the price of massage chairs on the market ranges from several thousand yuan to over 100,000 yuan. Due to the high price, the proportion of consumers buying is still small. It is expected that in the future, as the global economy picks up, consumers' income levels increase, and health awareness increases, the proportion of massage chairs in massage products will continue to rise.

Principles of Massage Chair Scheme

Massage chair uses mechanical rolling force and mechanical squeezing to perform massage. Manual massage can dredge the meridians, make blood circulation, and maintain the balance of yin and yang of the body, so after massage, you can feel the muscles relax, the joints are flexible, and make people feel energetic. Invigorating, eliminating fatigue, has an important role in ensuring good health. As the birthplace of TCM massage theory, my country has a late start in the massage appliance market, but with its comparative advantages in manufacturing, it has become the world's most important production base of massage appliances and the most important production and export country for massage chairs.

Types of massage chairs

As the consumption level of consumers increases, the demand for massage chairs is also different. Facing consumers, there are many types of massage chairs, including basic massage chairs with relatively simple functions, massage chairs with negative oxygen ion functions, multifunctional massage chairs with heating, and high-tech massage chairs with VR equipment.


Components of massage chair

Massage chairs are generally made of circuit boards, motors, movements, manipulators, guide rails, plastic panels, hardware, leather and other materials, and different accessories are used depending on their functions.

(1) Circuit board

The main board can be said to be the brain of the massage chair, which is used to control the operation of the massage chair program, power supply, and air valve motor. Commands are transmitted through the hand controller of the massage chair, and the main board receives and sends instructions to the massage mechanism of the chair. Massage exercise is one of the important components.

(2) Motor

Commonly known as a motor, its main function is to generate driving torque as the power source of the machine. Its main function is to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy, and it is also an important driving force to support the operation of the manipulator massage function. There are several types of motors in general massage chairs:

Kneading motor: drive manipulator kneading technique; beat motor: drive manipulator beat technique; vibration motor: make massage mechanism produce vibration effect; walking motor: drive manipulator guide rail to walk; sole roller motor: drive sole roller to operate; kneading disk motor: Drive the kneading plate to work.

(3) Movement

The movement of the massage chair is equipped with a manipulator and a device that controls the motor of the manipulator. It can walk freely on the guide rail and massage the back and buttocks of the human body according to the length of the guide rail.

The movements on the market are mainly 2D and 3D movements. The 2D movement is the earliest generation movement. The massage head of the massage chair equipped with this movement can only move up and down, left and right, which is a two-dimensional plane movement. This movement can only move on a plane and cannot stick well. It fits the curve of the back of the human body, and the massage will be more rigid. The 3D movement is the mainstream configuration of the massage chair. The massage head can move up and down, left and right, and back and forth. The front and back movement is realized by a telescopic motor. This movement is three-dimensional and can fit the back curve of the human body. , The massage is more in-depth and the intensity is moderate.

(4) Manipulator

The manipulator of the massage chair, through the design of the program, can realize a variety of artificial human massage techniques. Through the principle of massage, the massage effect is realized, which can dredge the meridians, blood circulation, and maintain the balance of yin and yang of the body. The massage chair is the most important for manipulator massage. The way of massage.

(5) Guide rail

The guide rail is the main body of the massage chair. It is the integral skeleton of the massage chair with the movement manipulator and most of the main internal components. The guide rails are mainly divided into S-type guides and L-type guides. The difference is mainly based on the length.

(6) Cortex

Excellent leather is the key to the comfort of massage. High-end massage chairs generally use PU leather for massage chairs, using non-woven fabric with a three-dimensional structure network as the base material. The leather must be super wear-resistant, soft and delicate, and professionally waterproof. , The breathability should be strong.


Massage chair application scenarios

At present, the main application scenarios of massage chairs are in the home, and secondly, some waiting rooms of airports, hotels, nursing homes and other places will also be configured according to needs. In addition, with the prevalence of the sharing economy, sharing massage chairs has also become a trend, and massage chairs can also be seen in shopping malls, movie theaters and other places.

Market analysis of massage chairs

All aspects of my country's society and economy are in a period of rapid development, with fast pace, high pressure, and increasing number of sub-healthy people, plagued by chronic diseases such as cervical spine, lumbar spine and poor blood circulation. The emergence of massage chairs can conveniently and specifically adjust and relax the uncomfortable places. The sub-health group is a potential customer group for massage chair products, and the market is large. At this stage, most consumers in my country are restricted by their spending power, and the scale of development of the massage chair market is generally limited. Therefore, high-income groups with relatively affluent lives and stronger awareness of healthy consumption are the key targets for the development of the massage chair market in my country. With the increase in income, consumers' awareness of healthy consumption will also increase, and the market size of massage chairs is also expected to achieve steady growth.

The massage chair industry presents the characteristics of a large number of production companies and a small number of large-scale production companies, and the industry concentration is not high. Shared massage chairs are developed based on the sharing economy and mobile payment. The development of shared massage chairs has stimulated the domestic market of massage chairs on the one hand, and has also deepened consumer education, allowing more people to quickly understand and recognize massage chairs. , Formed a very good advertising effect. Observed from the online sales platform, the sales of entry-level massage chairs increased after the rise of shared massage chairs, and the rapid rise of shared brands, relatively low prices, more fashionable appearance, simpler functions, and more suitable for young people.

On the whole, the manufacturing of massage chair products worldwide is mainly concentrated in East Asia, especially in mainland China; the consumer market for massage chairs is mainly concentrated in Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other regions, of which Japan is the most mature, my country The mainland market has huge potential for development; North America, Europe and other places have a short history of consumption development of massage chairs due to different health care concepts, but there is also a certain market development space.

There is still considerable room for development in the massage chair market in Mainland China. Under the concept of Chinese medicine and health care, Hong Kong, China and Taiwan have a greater consumer demand for massage chairs, and their market penetration rate is greater than that of the Chinese mainland market. Although mainland China is the main producer and exporter of massage chairs, the people's concept of consumption in terms of health is relatively weak, there is also a certain gap in consumption levels, and the market penetration rate of massage chairs is low.