Smart bracelet program development and design

In recent years, with the gradual emergence of the value of various embedded intelligent devices, my country's intelligent industry has entered a stage of rapid development. The demand for intelli

  • Model: Smart bracelet program development and design

In recent years, with the gradual emergence of the value of various embedded intelligent devices, my country's intelligent industry has entered a stage of rapid development. The demand for intelligence is showing a diversified trend, and the smart bracelet is a representative product. It is mainly used to monitor exercise, monitor sleep and intelligently arrange people's lifestyle.

Through the bracelet, users can record exercise through data and synchronize data such as tablets to guide a healthy life. The simple design style of the smart bracelet is suitable for wearing jewelry. Its built-in battery can last for more than 10 days, which is more practical than other smart clothing products and plays an important role in your own health.

1. The status quo of smart bracelets

In the rapid development of modern technology, the demand for smart devices is constantly increasing for people. Now, the term smart bracelet is very popular in all walks of life. Whether it is business elites, vibrant student groups, or middle-aged and elderly people who pay attention to health, they will all be the supporters of smart bracelets.

With the continuous development of the economy, social competition has become increasingly fierce, and the pressure of survival has increased. More and more people are beginning to pay attention to their health. Therefore, health knowledge has also become the focus of people. In this case, the level of medical care is constantly improving. However, people’s attention to health is still only when people are unwell or when a disease has occurred. At that time, a device that can monitor people's own physical conditions is needed to supervise and help people, so smart bracelets appear. In the environment of the big data era, the smart bracelet is also a product of this era. It better integrates personal living habits, personally detects the basic situation of the individual in real time, and gives corresponding opinions. The smart bracelet can not only monitor the health of the individual, timely mediate the individual’s living habits and rules of life, but also help the user monitor the physical condition and prevent disease.

2. The application of smart bracelet solution in medical treatment

In addition to smart bracelets that can bring more health benefits to the public, it is also a gospel to many middle-aged and elderly people. The smart bracelet can monitor and track the user's sleep status, normal activity, heart rate and body temperature through the application of a smart phone. Its functions can be simply described in several aspects: now, many people are in a sub-health state, especially when they go to work. Because of long-term sitting, lack of exercise, and irregular life and rest habits, health needs more attention. The smart bracelet can track the user's normal physiological conditions or some activities, such as blood pressure, blood sugar, walking distance, heart rate, calorie consumption, etc., to test the health of the human body. In addition, the smart bracelet can also monitor sleep, and help users understand their sleep status, and can manage their health. Many people treat diseases with a procrastinating attitude, procrastinating not to go to the hospital, and sometimes directly procrastinating minor illnesses into diseases. Not only will it cost more money, but the health will also decline. In fact, many diseases are easy to control in the early stage of treatment. If they are not detected in the early stage of the disease, a higher price may be required. Therefore, use a smart bracelet to help yourself in the early stage of the disease, you can find it as soon as possible. Nowadays, going to the hospital to see a doctor will encounter various difficulties in seeing a doctor. You need to get up early and queue up for registration, see a doctor, get medicine, pay for a series of tasks, and the time is very long. In order to save time, the smart bracelet can help us complete the entire tracking and management process of the disease, saving us time and reducing the cost of medical expenses. The smart bracelet can also send monitoring information to the hospital's medical terminal system, and the health information can be updated in real time.

The rapid development of science and technology has brought faster and faster updates to the development of smart bracelets. In the market, there are many wearable devices including smart bracelets. Although these devices are powerful and can help users monitor their own physical conditions, in the medical field, they can only be used as a carrier to provide users with some data. , To help users understand their health status through data and provide information to users. It can only help users reduce or improve their physical condition, but it cannot cure diseases.


Third, the relationship between smart bracelets and sports

With the rapid development of the times and the continuous advancement of technology, the craze of smart bracelets has also arrived, and can slowly integrate sports. This integration is the integration of sports and technology, and at the same time improves the quality of sports. The development of smart bracelets will enable sports to develop in the direction of network, portability, modernity, and intelligence, and their combination will also lead people to a healthier life.

Nowadays, people engage in physical activities to cultivate a healthy lifestyle, but many people don’t know how much they exercise, but an inappropriate amount of exercise will affect their health. After sports, the body will appear negative and will make people gradually stay away from sports, which will affect the continuous development of sports. With the wide application of smart bracelets, we can accurately understand their movement in sports and make corresponding adjustments. This will change people's negative influence on sports and promote the development of sports.

At the same time, when monitoring exercise, the gyroscope, speedometer, pressure sensor and compass of the smart bracelet determine the user's activity by monitoring the arm vibration and amplitude. Compared with health monitoring, the smart bracelet sports monitoring technology is relatively mature, and the monitoring results are more accurate. The smart bracelet can calculate the energy consumed by the athlete's exercise time and exercise rate and her weight. The smart bracelet can also be used to detect the user's sleep, and the subtle movements of the user during sleep are monitored by sensors, and their sleep state is analyzed. Users can keep track of their own sports at any time, and the smart bracelet can also monitor the internal and external movements of the body.

When a user wears a smart bracelet while exercising, the smart bracelet can calculate the user's optimal amount of exercise based on his height, weight and his organs, and will recommend corresponding sports guidance. And in the process of exercise, it is easy to ignore your body's demand for exercise due to personal interests, resulting in excessive exercise, which will damage the body's system immunity, which will be self-defeating and affect your health. At this time, the smart bracelet can play a monitoring role, combining related sports data to clearly show sports recommendations to the athletes, so that the athletes can arrange reasonable sports events based on the reference data. Therefore, looking at all aspects of the smart bracelet, it plays an important role in the promotion of sports.

With the continuous improvement of the functions of smart bracelets and the continuous expansion of the intensity and scope of publicity, more people are accepting smart bracelets, making more and more people buying smart bracelets. Because the main function of the smart bracelet is to monitor the user's physical condition and exercise status and make suggestions based on these. Nowadays, people have many vices in daily life. Under the supervision and advice of the smart bracelet, there should be more People participate in physical exercise. The previous article talked about the smart bracelet can suggest different sports according to the body's own quality, such as basketball, football, badminton, running and other sports, and will also promote the development of all aspects of sports, smart bracelets and sports The development of sports coexist. At the same time, smart bracelets also play an important role in swimming. A smart bracelet with waterproof function, there is no need to worry about inaccuracy or affect the use of water when swimming, so it can attract many swimming enthusiasts to buy and bring convenience to swimmers.


Fourth, the development of mobile payment functions for smart bracelets

The payment service model of mobile payment allows users to use mobile terminals to consume products or services, and directly or indirectly issue payment instructions to bank financial institutions through the Internet, mobile devices or proximity sensors to generate payment or transfer funds to achieve mobile payment functions. For example, payment using Alipay and WeChat payment are both called mobile payments. NFC payment is also another method of mobile payment. It means that consumers are purchasing products or services and use NFC technology to complete the payment through mobile phones, smart bracelets and other handheld devices. It is a new form of mobile payment. The use of NFC broadcast channels or vending machines, P OS cash registers and other mechanical equipment are used to complete the payment process for communication equipment, instead of using a mobile network alone.

With the continuous development of the times, mobile payment has become a trend. We must play its functions better and apply the functions of mobile payment and smart bracelets to the best. Nowadays, people who use public transportation to travel will regard the all-in-one card as a must. The all-in-one card does bring a lot of convenience to everyone in paying cash, but at the same time there are various problems such as omission, loss, and inconvenience of recharging. At this time, in order to avoid these problems, the smart bracelet has become one of the must-haves for travel, making up for the shortcomings of the one-card card.

The smart bracelet can not only perform recharge and query business at any time, but also check related payment records, which can play the role of a personal secretary and record the monthly travel mileage and expenditure list. Moreover, the smart bracelet exempts the merchants from the handling fees required for the consumption of all-in-one card customers. Therefore, smart bracelets are also highly sought after by merchants. In order to cultivate users’ habit of using smart bracelets, merchants can also use their own positioning system to provide merchants with more efficient information through some preferential discount methods for merchants and users. It is a win-win situation, and it can also connect users and businesses well. With the continuous increase of smart bracelet users and the continuous establishment of capital flows, the issue of capital security has also become an issue that everyone needs to pay attention to. Nowadays, many banks have also opened related services to bind credit cards with smart bracelets to make credit card payment more convenient. In addition to monitoring sleep and recording exercise data, the bracelet also has a payment function, and the smart bracelet also The UnionPay standard security financial chip is installed, and security issues are also protected accordingly. Smart bracelet users only need to wear the bracelet, and they can consume on any machine with QuickPass. Its security issues are guaranteed by credit card-related banks in terms of transaction management, financial management protection and physical layer. In the era of big data, banks will form big data based on users' mobile payment status, and every transaction of each user will be recorded and retained, forming big data for use in all aspects.


5. Hardware design method of smart bracelet

1. Smart bracelet master chip

After years of development, SCM has developed many types, such as 51 SCM, MSP430 SCM, TMS SCM, STM32 SCM, etc. [5]. The reasons for choosing to use STM32 microcontroller are as follows: extremely high performance: mainstream Cortex core; abundant and reasonable peripherals, reasonable price; simple modular design; smooth and extremely fast computing speed.

2. Heart rate detection

The principle of photoelectric transmission measurement refers to measuring the reflection/transmission of light by hitting a beam of light on the skin in close contact with the skin and the photoelectric heart rate sensor. Because blood has the characteristic of being absorbed by light of a specific wavelength, every time the heart pumps blood to the body, the specific wavelength is absorbed by the blood and reduced, so that the heartbeat can be determined. But the disadvantage of heart rate detection is that it consumes more energy and is interfered by ambient light. At present, smart bracelets or watches on the market mainly use photoelectric transmission measurement methods to monitor heart rate. Other sensors and measurement methods have large errors.

3. Smart bracelet step counter design

The core of the electronic pedometer is a vibration sensor. The 3D pedometer uses the electronic acceleration sensor that is currently more widely used, and its detection results are more accurate and have strong anti-interference ability. The 3D pedometer can be worn at will and is not affected by external factors, making the design of the smart bracelet easier.

When we move, we have a corresponding acceleration, with a peak at a certain point. It is the most accurate to detect the number of steps from the acceleration of the foot. Calculate the acceleration generated by the swing of the hand and the swing of the waist during walking. The peaks and valleys of the acceleration are detected and compared, and then the number of steps can be obtained by recording.

4. The choice of smart bracelet sensor

The basic style of acceleration sensor is two-axis and three-axis, two-axis can only measure plane; three-axis sensor can better detect the position of the device in the three-dimensional space of the X, Y, and Z axes to achieve more accurate recording. The photoelectric heart rate sensor is more accurate and faster than the different sensors used in the test ECG signal method and vibration measurement, and can improve the overall performance and reliability of the smart bracelet.

5. Alarm clock design

On the basis of the system time, turn on the smart smart alarm clock to wake up, the bracelet detects that the user is in a light sleep state, and will vibrate 3 times before setting the alarm time half an hour; if the owner does not wake up, the bracelet will be activated after one minute Vibrate three more times. If you have not woken up, after 3 minutes, the bracelet will vibrate 3 more times. After 9 vibrations, if you are awake, the bracelet will stop vibrating. If you have not woken up, the bracelet will continue to vibrate 3 times. The number of vibrations depends on you. Time to wake up. The vibration is generated by the vibration motor in the bracelet. When the set time point is reached, the vibration motor will be triggered, and the vibration time is controlled by the delay.

6. Human energy consumption detection

The smart bracelet is calculated according to a certain calorie consumption algorithm. It may include your normal walking, jogging, and running steps, but it is difficult to judge the ratio of exercise to strength, so it can only be calculated by the number of steps you walk. The calculation of the energy you consume is not very accurate, and the type of exercise cannot be distinguished. The calories burned when you walk normally are your accurate energy consumption; the calories burned when you are jogging are less than the calories burned accurately; the calories burned when you are running fast It consumes much less energy than you accurately.


Six, smart bracelet software design plan

Assembly language programs are highly efficient and occupies little memory, but it is a primary language and requires understanding of the relevant hardware structure, programming difficulty, and poor portability. C language has some characteristics of high-level language and elementary language, and has a rich library of callable functions, which saves a lot of trouble of repeated design. So this system uses C language for program design and development, and the whole program is composed of the main program and each subprogram.

1. Design of the main program of the smart bracelet

The main program is the main part of the whole program. It integrates various subprograms to complete the functions of system initialization, data display, data processing, parameter transmission, and control signal generation [8]. When the system is powered on, each subsystem starts to work, and the single-chip microcomputer monitors each subsystem. When manual control is required, the corresponding touch key is pressed and the corresponding button is generated to interrupt the manual control. When there is no manual control, accept the signals detected by each detection system, and display the corresponding parameters through the LCD. When you want to know the physical indicators, you only need to touch the touch key to display the results on the LCD screen and keep it bright Screen for 3 to 4 seconds, and switch between various indicators.

2. The design of each subroutine of the smart bracelet

The system uses C language to write data acquisition and processing algorithm modules. The basic information of the system, step counting, heart rate, temperature and humidity and other subroutines are modularized using library functions, and finally inserted into the overall program.

(1) Temperature and humidity collection: use temperature sensors or thermistors when designing temperature conversion circuits. After using the conversion circuit, the single-chip microcomputer is used for frequency measurement to indirectly obtain the method of measuring temperature. The method of temperature detection is to use thermal diodes and thermistors as sensors to achieve dynamic changes in temperature and resistance. Finally, the single-chip microcomputer detects the output frequency of the oscillator, and then manipulates the functional relationship between temperature and frequency to indirectly detect the frequency and speed. This sensor achieves temperature measurement function through semiconductor temperature characteristics.

(2) Heart rate monitoring: The photoelectric sensor emits light of a certain wavelength and hits the skin. The blood in the body absorbs the light of a certain wavelength. When the heart pumps blood, the blood absorbs a specific wavelength. When the sensor detects the returned wavelength When the number is different from the number of wavelengths emitted, the difference will be converted into a voltage value, which is converted into 16 digital data by an analog-to-digital converter.

(3) IIC bus data transmission: specific data communication workflow: the device that needs to send data is the main device, send a bus start signal, start the bus, and send the address of the data receiver slave device on the bus. The address signal sent by the master device can be received by all devices from the bus, and the received address is compared with its own address in the device. Only the addressable receiver from the device is the receiver. If the address is the same, it sends a response signal to establish a connection, send data, display the data measured by the sensor on the LCD screen, and then send it to the mobile phone or computer until Data transfer is over.

(4) Button design: The button design of the smart bracelet is mainly a touch screen design, which not only increases its intelligence, but also increases its simplicity, making it smaller and more comfortable to wear. This design increases its reliability and durability.

to sum up

With the advent of smart wearable devices, there will be more and more wearable related technology products. Therefore, the development of smart bracelets is also very potential. The combination of smart bracelets with medical health, sports and mobile payment will also be closer. The combination of these three in the future will also make our lives more convenient and faster.