Is the ultrasonic beauty instrument a gimmick or a real skill?

2021-01-06 19:23:02

Nowadays, in addition to going to beauty salons to do beauty projects, many girls are more willing to buy the popular online ultrasonic beauty instrument to do beauty at home, which can solve some facial beauty problems and save time. Many girls are very excited with two birds with one stone. Are these beauty devices really so effective? Whether it's a real skill or a gimmick, let me find out with the editor.

   1: The working principle of ultrasonic beauty instrument:

   Ultrasonic Beauty Apparatus, which uses 1 MHz ultrasonic mechanical compression and extension to form 1 million cell vibration massages per second, just like millions of hands massaging the skin. While the ionic gene water is deeply cleansing, it accurately hydrates and nourishes, and continuously outputs ultrasonic energy waves to perfectly introduce the product into the skin, making rough skin more white, smooth, and elastic. The deep cell tissues of the skin heat up rapidly under the action of high-speed vibration and various waveforms, and countless small bubbles are formed in the body fluids, which contain toxins and wastes in the body and break down and shake the excess fat under the skin, and finally excrete it from the body.

  LED lights

   Irradiate with a specific wavelength of red light to stimulate mother cells, promote human metabolism, secrete collagen and elastin, improve cell activity, and gradually reduce fine lines.


   Electrically heat the skin, so that the collagen fibers shrink when exposed to heat to achieve the proliferation of collagen fibers and thus play the role of wrinkle-removing and firming.

  Micro current

  Through the microcurrent, the muscles are stimulated and massaged to restore the elasticity of the muscles. At the same time, the stimulation of the dermis by the current will also promote the production of more collagen-promoting substances ATP. 

   Electric pulse, EMS

   Intermittently release current pulses on the skin to stimulate the muscles and force the muscles to passively exercise to consume fat around the muscles, and expel sugar and carbohydrates, thereby tightening the facial lines.

   Ultrasonic Beauty Apparatus is the same as medical aesthetics, but the energy released is reduced a lot. The biggest features of home beauty equipment are: low energy, repeatable treatment, small side effects, low pain, no time and place restrictions, and safe operation.

   2: What are the hazards of ultrasonic beauty equipment

The principle of the ultrasonic beauty instrument is very similar to that of the light wave instrument. It stimulates its rapid reproduction by stimulating the mother cells at the bottom of the skin, so many people feel that the effect is obvious after using it once, and it will indeed show skin improvement in a short time. However, this kind of stimulation will violate the natural growth law of cells and hinder the skin's own metabolism. A large number of cells in the body will die because of insufficient nutrients. The skin will also become thinner, with red blood streaks, and weakened resistance.

   In general, short-term use of ultrasonic beauty equipment is not too harmful, but there is no secret to easy beauty in the world. Long-term use will more or less cause some harm to our body. The best way to improve skin texture and beauty is through healthy diet and exercise.

  Precautions for using beauty equipment

   1. The probe should not be overheated, it will burn the skin.

   2. When using with products, try to choose essential oils or products with a higher concentration. Products that are too thin will dry up in a while, which will cause dry skin.

  3. Avoid upper eyelids and eyes when massaging. Pregnant women and patients with severe heart disease cannot use it.

   4. Remove all metal objects from the body during use.

  Okay, the benefits and harms of ultrasonic beauty devices are introduced here. Finally, when you buy beauty devices, you must strictly check, check carefully and buy genuine products, otherwise there will be many safety risks.