Electric blackhead suction device, pore cleaner, household beauty instrument

2021-01-06 19:20:16

Factory direct sales of new blackhead suction instrument, electric blackhead suction artifact, pore cleaner, household beauty instrument

Blackhead beauty instrument

New concept of blackhead cleaning

Easily absorb blackheads, acne, oil

Three levels of suction, five suction heads, USB charging, low noise, 3D suction

Your beauty artifact

Deep cleansing, no damage to the skin

Long-term failure to clean up blackheads is very harmful

Blackhead, how much do you know

Popular science knowledge:

Blackheads can make the nose look unsightly and can clog the pores. In severe cases, it can cause skin inflammation. The wrong treatment method can seriously damage your skin's connective tissue.

The traditional blackhead removal can only remove the surface of the blackhead without thorough cleaning;

The blackhead suction device, vacuum blackhead suction device, suck out blackheads;

Technology beauty blackhead suction device

Not only to blackheads, scrape, massage, cupping and relax

Suck out blackheads, reduce oil, suck out acne, deep cleansing, improve keratin, cupping massage

1. Suction blackheads

2. Three-speed adjustment

3. Reduce grease

4. Deep cleansing

Physically suck blackheads away

Unblock pores and remove dirt

Using the principle of vacuum negative pressure suction, through the physical alternating flow of positive and negative, the blackheads in the deep pores are sucked out, and the skin can achieve deeper cleansing.

High-quality ABS material is more skin-friendly

Use high-quality ABS material, more skin-friendly, main body spray treatment, more wear-resistant, head parts electroplating treatment, noble and fashionable appearance

5 kinds of tips, free to change

One-click start, private beauty SAP

1. Microcrystalline tip

The microcrystalline head sucks and exfoliates dead skin, which can be sucked while rubbing, soft and not hurting the skin;

2. Oval tip

Tighten the skin, reduce fine lines and increase elasticity;

3. Small round tip

If the big round head is not easy to reach, choose the small round head if it is fragile and tender and not suitable for high suction.

4. Big round tip

Easily suck blackheads, acne, firm and lift, strong suction, suitable for facial T-zone.

5. Beauty tips

It can gently lift and massage the skin to reduce fine lines and cupping to relieve fatigue.

Great suction, vacuum negative pressure does not hurt the skin

A strong "heart", black heads have nowhere to hide

Strong suction, blackheads have nowhere to escape

Three-stage suction adjustment, one-button design, simplifying complexity

1. Low gear-light suction, suitable for sensitive skin;

2. Mid-range-moderate suction, suitable for moderate blackheads;

3. High-grade-strong suction, suitable for large pores and obvious blackheads.

USB charging

Equipped with a large-capacity lithium battery, bid farewell to the trouble of no electricity;

Using 500mAh high-density and large-capacity battery, USB charging, long battery life, a full charge can be used continuously for 3 hours, allowing you to enjoy plenty of power.

There is beauty and temperature

Use it for yourself

Good looks is favored;

Send your girlfriend to your lover.

Product parameters:

Product name: blackhead suction instrument

Product model: X-005

Product color: Chinese red, ivory white, high gloss black

Charging voltage: 5V

Rated power: 6.5W

Battery capacity: 500mAh

Charging method: USB interface, power bank, charger


Reminder: Before leaving the skin, please withdraw the nozzle to the side, release the negative pressure, and then it can be easily removed. Do not pull it up repeatedly.

Try: First familiarize yourself with the operation method and suction on your hands, and then operate on your face.

Open: After cleansing, apply a hot towel or liquid to the part that needs to be absorbed for about five minutes, or use a steamer to open the pores.

Suction: Pay attention to the technique when sucking blackheads, try not to pull the skin, and move while sucking.

Receipt: After absorbing cleansing, wash your face with cold water, apply facial mask or use cold spray for care.


Please don't use it on injured skin. Don't stay on the same area all the time. After the treatment, the skin will have a little redness, which is a normal phenomenon. It will automatically disappear after about 5-10 minutes. Please do not wash the body.

Life cycle:

Use it once a week for dry skin, and twice a week for oily and combination skin.