Electric beauty instrument sucking blackhead circuit board, pore cleaning and removing blackhead circuit board pcba scheme design

2021-01-06 19:22:16

Electric beauty instrument blackhead suction circuit board, pore cleaning and blackhead removal instrument circuit board pcba scheme design


Function: suck blackhead oil

Model: PF-V088

Working method: electric rotation

Product category: rechargeable black head artifact

Power supply mode: AC

Whether to import: No

Can be customized: Yes

Time to market: 2016


1. The working head can be replaced, 4 working heads are suitable for different parts

2. LED display: 5 levels of suction control for power box

3. Simple button design

4.USB charging port

5. Natural mineral microcrystalline diamond particle probe, exfoliating cutin

6. Vacuum suction system to promote blood circulation in the skin

Model: PF-V088

Charging method: USB charging

Power: 5W

Power input: 5V-1A

Function introduction:

The acne suction blackhead device comes standard with four beauty suction heads, which have strong suction power, reaching the deep pores, and sucking blackheads to prevent corner plug regeneration. Suction power is about 25% UP (about 40KPa-50KPa). It speeds up the removal of acne and blackheads. Just remove the dirt and oil in the pores of the face, and you will get a clean face

The acne suction blackhead instrument microcrystalline probe has more than 100,000 natural mineral microcrystalline diamond particles. Acne suction blackheads can effectively loosen and fall off the horny and rough blemishes of the aging and damaged epidermis, avoid excessive accumulation of dead skin cells, and maintain the skin Smooth, matte and youthful!

The big round hole suction power of the acne blackhead suction device is large, and it can be used to suck blackheads and V-face.

The small round hole sucks blackheads and acne, suitable for delicate and weak skin

The oval hole of the acne suction blackhead device tightens and increases the elasticity of the skin. The acne suction blackhead is mainly aimed at small fine lines

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(5): Project progress plan arrangement

(6): Sign the development agreement and prepay part of the payment

(7): Overall project design

(8): Hardware circuit design

  (9) :PCB layout

(10) :PCB proofing and component procurement

(11) :Control sample production debugging and testing

(12): Send the first sample to the customer for confirmation

(13): The customer confirms and the payment is paid