What kind of equipment is called a beauty equipment

2021-01-07 10:51:57

Beauty Instrument

The beauty instrument is a kind of equipment based on physical medicine to make the skin soothed, better cleaned, and absorb skin care products. The beauty instrument is mainly divided into large-scale hospital beauty instruments and hand-held home beauty instruments.

The effectiveness of the beauty instrument is facial lymphatic detoxification, skin rejuvenation, whitening, lightening of spots, tightening of skin, treatment of pimples and acne, improvement and improvement of loose skin on the face, diminishing regular lines, forehead lines, eye lines, removing dark bags, dark circles, etc. , The healing effect of cracks on the neck is remarkable.

The Chinese name is Beauty instrument in foreign language;


Engineers engaged in development for many years are summarized as follows

Classification from the functional category is as follows: Engineer Ji Xingang

1. Jiafani's current and electrical pulse (EMS) method: select micro-current pulse modulation technology to perform effects on human skin, meridians, and acupoints to achieve beauty purposes such as cleansing, inducing, firming, and relaxing muscles.

2. Micro-oscillation method: Use mechanical sensation and voltage influence method to tighten human skin, increase its own elasticity, and enhance skin cell metabolism.

3. Different wavelength photon irradiation methods: use different wavelengths of colored light to arrange different effect mechanisms on the skin to improve the condition of human skin.

4. Ways to raise body temperature: select equipment to raise body temperature and accelerate human metabolism, representing equipment wax melting machine, red light shining instrument.

5. Microwave equipment: The use of microwaves can penetrate deep subcutaneous arrangements and drive cells to shorten movement to achieve beauty and firming.

6. Vacuum adsorption type: The device uses a special adsorption of things, which has an effect on the human skin. The human skin is sucked up by a vacuum, followed by the movement of the things on the body to achieve the effects of kneading, massage, and exercise, which can achieve detoxification, Tighten skin, add vitality to cells.

7. Laser therapy: the use of laser heat to blow up skin epidermal cells. It is mainly used to remove spots, remove moles, eliminate sacs, sheaths, and warts, etc. It requires a professionally qualified beautician with relevant qualifications. Perhaps the doctor operates;.

8. Ultrasonic method: using the high-frequency sensation characteristics of ultrasonic waves, the mechanical wave has mechanical effects, warming effects, physical and chemical effects, which can make the cells in the body arrange the volume and movement changes, and achieve a precise massage effect (called cell massage) It can tighten the skin. The warming and physical and chemical effects can increase the deep skin temperature by 0.5~1℃, so that the skin can absorb skin care products faster.

9. Water bath therapy: the use of water current, water temperature, and the affinity of water and people to achieve the purpose of body beauty.

10. Magnetic field mechanism: Use electromagnetic field or permanent magnet high-energy magnetic field to achieve beauty effect on human body.

11. Radio frequency effect: Use high-frequency sensational waves to heat up the skin surface, shorten the skin, and achieve the effect of wrinkle removal and skin tightening. Be careful not to stay in one part for a long time during application, because it is simply burnt;

12. Electronic lead-in: through the use of electronic current to physically penetrate the lead-in effect, the skin care products that can be digested are introduced into the skin to achieve the beauty effect. There are requirements for skin care ingredients

13. Fumigation and beauty: divided into cold and hot methods, using special equipment to make beauty products, medicines and other transpiration into a gaseous form such as skin arrangement to achieve the beauty effect.

14. Pure oxygen permeation: Use special equipment to add oxygen to a certain pressure, the effect is arranged on the human skin, and cells are added to arrange the oxygen intake.

Use precautions

Pregnant mothers should follow the doctor's instructions

Cannot be used on eyeballs, laryngeal knots, bones and joints

Plastic parts, such as implants

Heart disease patients, especially those with pacemakers

Put plenty of pressure during treatment

With care, make the massage head stick to the skin

Please keep your face moist when using the ion function

Nano spray

After a high-speed sensational atomizer sheet (generally it can reach more than 110,000 sensations per second), the liquid is atomized into very fine nano-scale particles and ejected. It is often used in sceneries and cosmetic cosmetic products. The spray sheet used for beauty can be very small, and there are even nano beauty sprays that can be carried around, which are dedicated to skin care and moisturizing. The nano spray mist particles are fine and can be used in makeup in the future. It is especially suitable for boring autumn and winter and air-conditioning heating room, which can quickly moisturize dry skin. It is recommended to choose A nano spray with high-strength soaking ability, which can penetrate to the bottom of the skin more effectively, allowing the skin to quickly absorb nutrients, and the maintenance can be easily completed within 15 seconds.