The role of fast recovery diodes

2021-01-07 10:51:09

The role of fast recovery diodes

Usually used for higher frequency rectification and freewheeling products.

Used for the input part of the power module, the frequency is not high, no need to use fast recovery diodes, just use ordinary diodes.

Compared with a diode, when the voltage applied to its two ends changes from forward to reverse, the response time is generally very short. On the contrary, when it changes from reverse to forward, the time is relatively long, which is the reverse recovery time. When diodes are used for high-frequency rectification, etc., the reverse recovery time is required to be very short. At this time, fast recovery diodes (FRD), higher ultra-fast recovery diodes (SRD), and switching diodes are required. The fastest is Schottky Tube (the principle is different from the above diodes)

The Fast Recovery Diode (FRD for short) is a semiconductor diode with good switching characteristics and short reverse recovery time. It is mainly used in electronic circuits such as switching power supplies, PWM pulse width modulators, and frequency converters. Rectifier diodes, freewheeling diodes or damping diodes are used.

The internal structure of the fast recovery diode is different from the ordinary PN junction diode. It belongs to the PIN junction diode, that is, the base area I is added between the P-type silicon material and the N-type silicon material to form a PIN silicon chip. Because the base area is very thin and the reverse recovery charge is small, the reverse recovery time of the fast recovery diode is shorter, the forward voltage drop is lower, and the reverse breakdown voltage (withstand voltage) is higher.

Generally, 5~20A fast recovery diode tubes are in TO-220FP plastic package, high-power fast recovery diodes above 20A are packaged in TO-3P plastic package with a metal heat sink on the top, and fast recovery diodes below 5A are in DO-41, Plastic packages such as DO-15 or DO-27.

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