What are the failures of the Bluetooth subwoofer?

2021-01-07 10:37:15

What are the failures of the Bluetooth subwoofer?

The speaker system is one of the important components of audio equipment, usually composed of speakers, crossovers, cabinets, sound-absorbing materials, etc. The failure rate of the speaker system is relatively low, and there are fewer types of failures.


1. The speaker wire is broken or the frequency divider is abnormal.

2. The voice coil is broken.

3. The speaker wire is broken.

4. The voice coil is burnt out.

Sometimes no sound

1. The speaker leads are bad.

2. The voice coil lead wire is broken or about to be short-circuited.

3. The power amplifier output jack is in poor contact or the speaker input wire is disconnected.

4. Poor speaker performance

5. The magnetic core is loose.

6. The frequency divider is abnormal.

Abnormal sound

1. There is debris in the magnetic gap.

2. Voice coil wipe core.

3. The paper cone is broken.

4. Poor cabinet.