Have you heard that Bluetooth speakers can also charge mobile phones wirelessly

2021-01-07 10:35:00

Bluetooth speakers can also achieve wireless charging? Many people encounter this problem and may be confused. But in front of technology, this has become a reality. Bluetooth speakers and wireless chargers are more commonly used digital products in daily life, but these two independent devices will occupy a lot of valuable space on the desktop and bedside. Dr. Fan’s wireless charging Bluetooth speakers cleverly integrate the two into one. In the device.

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At present, wireless charging is suitable for many types of mobile phones, such as Apple iPhoneX/Samsung S9/Xiaomi MIX2S. Wireless charging not only subverts the many inconveniences of traditional line charging, but also gradually gains popularity in the market with its cool functions. Dr. Fan’s mobile phone wireless charging Bluetooth speaker is to meet this demand. It is equipped with a wireless charging module. Just gently place the phone on top of the speaker, and the smart chip will activate the battery of the phone, quickly charge the phone, and enjoy music, While movie entertainment, quickly wirelessly charge your mobile phone.

However, in actual use, many users may ask questions. For example, "If the mobile phone is placed on the speaker and playing rhythmic music, won’t the phone drop?" The mobile phone’s wireless charging Bluetooth speaker deliberately adds a counterweight to this vibration situation to prevent the speaker’s vibration when playing songs. When the mobile phone falls during wireless charging, it can charge smoothly even if the vibration is strong.

SCM Development, PCBA, SCM Development Company, SCM Scheme Development

At the same time, the mobile phone wireless charging Bluetooth speaker adopts a smart shunt charging matrix, automatically distributes the output, fast charging does not get hot, and takes care of the mobile phone and speaker electronic components at any time to extend the life of the device.

As a wireless charging Bluetooth speaker, Dr. Van is equipped with V4.2 Bluetooth technology, which can realize a wide range of 10M connection, and the speaker and the device are synchronized and stable transmission. And adopts nano dual-diaphragm four-unit speaker design, its treble performance is shocking, the lower potential of the bass is great, the sound three-dimensional elasticity is strengthened, the low frequency is thick and the high frequency is transparent, and it can control various types of music.

The wireless bluetooth speaker can not only support mobile phone wireless charging and Bluetooth playback, but also the AUX interface parallel to the power interface can also be connected to mobile phones, tablets, notebooks and desktop computers, and it has multiple charging modes while creative.