6 tips for buying Bluetooth speakers

2021-01-07 10:32:51

6 tips for buying Bluetooth speakers

Bluetooth speakers have become an indispensable listening device in many people’s daily lives, mainly because the compact Bluetooth speakers have the characteristics of easy-to-use, portable, and versatile functions, whether it is for the elderly to go for a walk, young people to travel, and exercise. Anyone who rides and carries can use Bluetooth speakers.

The most representative product of the early wireless speakers is the portable card speaker. The biggest feature of this type of speaker is that it does not need to be used with a mobile phone. It only needs a TF card to listen. It is the favorite of many middle-aged and elderly people. But with the rapid development of Bluetooth technology, Bluetooth speakers have entered our lives and gradually replaced portable card speaker products.

Bluetooth speakers have many advantages. Compared with the more technologically-content WiFi speakers, the former is cheaper and more convenient to carry. For users with less stringent sound quality requirements, if you want to listen to music outdoors, a Bluetooth speakers are the most convenient. And now the development of Bluetooth technology has been very mature, and the overall quality of Bluetooth speakers has been generally improved.

Segmentation is also the next stage of Bluetooth speakers. Bluetooth speakers tailored for different groups of people are nothing new in the current audio market, although many people say that the Bluetooth speaker market has fallen. But from a long-term perspective, this can be seen as the maturity of Bluetooth speakers. It is too early to say that Bluetooth speakers will be replaced by WiFi speakers.

Page 2: Bluetooth version and NFC function

A preliminary understanding of the Bluetooth module:

A very important part of the quality of a Bluetooth speaker depends on the built-in Bluetooth module. It is mainly used for wireless reception and digital transmission. This is also an important reason why the speaker can save the connection line for playing music.

What is a Bluetooth module? From the written explanation, it is composed of chips, PCB boards, and peripheral devices. According to the manufacturer, it can be divided into BroadCom Bluetooth module, Dell Bluetooth module, CSR Bluetooth module, etc., and the best Bluetooth module The group is CSR. The reason is that it has strong compatibility, and after the connection with the mobile device is completed, its stability performance is also the strongest, so the performance of the speaker using the CSR Bluetooth module is more stable.

And many low-cost, off-brand Bluetooth speakers will use low-cost Bluetooth modules. These products not only generate more heat, but also are not reliable enough in connection stability. This is why we use those particularly cheap Bluetooth speakers. , It will be very susceptible to interference, and the cause of signal intermittent.

Bluetooth version and NFC function:

In addition to the Bluetooth module, the Bluetooth version used by the speaker is also very important. If you want to get a better connection effect and sound performance, you must choose a higher Bluetooth version. Currently, Bluetooth 4.0 and 4.1 are the more mainstream versions. These two versions have the advantages of low power consumption, stable signal transmission, fast connection speed, good anti-interference ability, etc., and can also be multi-connected in one device and long transmission distance.

Another point worth noting is the NFC one-touch function, which allows non-contact point-to-point connections between electronic devices. On Bluetooth speakers, NFC is a fast connection mode of Bluetooth. Everyone knows that when pairing a Bluetooth speaker with a mobile phone, you must first turn on the Bluetooth-search device-connection, but using NFC for pairing does not require these steps, just connect the phone and the speaker The NFC area on the upper side can be paired with one touch, which is very convenient. So when you buy Bluetooth speakers, you can also pay attention to the NFC function.

Page 3: These points cannot be ignored

Hands-free call function:

In addition to Bluetooth and NFC, the hands-free call is also a very practical function; in Bluetooth mode, when the mobile phone calls, the user can make and receive calls through the hands-free button on the speaker; for example, when you are cooking at home, the mobile phone comes If you can’t open the phone, you can use the hands-free button on the Bluetooth speaker to answer the call; another very practical scenario is when you are driving, answering the phone through the hands-free button can release your hands and let you drive safer. Therefore, when purchasing Bluetooth speakers, we should pay attention to whether it has a hands-free call function.


There are two main types of Bluetooth speakers on the market, one is desktop type, and the other is outdoor type; we don’t need to care too much about the battery life of desktop Bluetooth speakers (recharge at any time when the battery is out), while outdoor Bluetooth speakers The battery life is very important. For example, when we go camping or traveling, outdoor Bluetooth speakers come in handy, and everyone can share music together; but if the music speakers just run for two hours and the battery is out, wouldn’t it be disappointing? Therefore, battery life should be paid special attention to when purchasing Bluetooth speakers.

Clear usage requirements:

Although the Bluetooth speakers currently on the market are mainly divided into two categories, they can be subdivided into many categories according to their functions and uses, such as those designed for cycling, climbing, camping, mobile games, tablets, laptops and other devices. Bluetooth speakers; if you like outdoor sports, be sure to choose speakers with dust, water, and drop resistance. This type of speakers can work normally in very harsh environments. If you often use your mobile phone to watch movies, play games and listen to music, then you can choose Bluetooth speakers designed specifically for mobile phones (there are also Bluetooth speakers designed specifically for Pads and laptops). In short, you must remember to choose the corresponding Bluetooth speaker according to your own needs when purchasing.

Sound performance:

For a speaker, sound quality is definitely the most important thing. Although Bluetooth transmission will have a little loss in signal transmission efficiency, it is almost impossible for ordinary users to feel the sense of hearing; but I still recommend that you It is good to go for a trial listening, or find the corresponding speaker trial evaluation and video materials on the Internet. Nowadays, many cheap Bluetooth speakers on the market are fashionable in appearance and rich in functions, but the sound cannot be heard at all; coupled with the exaggerated publicity of manufacturers, some novice users are attracted by the appearance of their products, but they find that the sound is bad after buying them. It's a mess.

Today, I will talk about the purchase skills of Bluetooth speakers. The six skills mentioned above are not strictly skills. The main reason is to take the opportunity to share with you my experience and views on the purchase of Bluetooth speakers. If you can help your purchase a little bit, then the purpose of this article will be achieved. In the era when Bluetooth is heading towards "4.+", Bluetooth speakers will be more functional, more compatible, and of course sound quality will be better.