Five superb advantages of Bluetooth 5.0

2021-01-07 11:10:40

Five superb advantages of Bluetooth 5.0

As we all know, with the advent of the 5G era, technological innovations in the Internet of Things, smart wearables and other fields will surely have a profound impact on our food, clothing, housing and transportation. In the face of the general trend of science and technology, a stable and reliable link between people and things, things and things in series, and interactions is very important. This is also a small key connection that the public may know very little about today. Technology, it is Bluetooth 5.0. The foundation of the Internet of Things is the interconnection between things. Therefore, simple, stable and reliable networking capabilities are one of the most important elements for the development of the Internet of Things. Among the many wireless connection technologies, the most widely used and common one is Bluetooth/WiFi/ZigBee. These three technologies have their own strengths and are suitable for different application scenarios. Bluetooth is known for its point-to-point ultra-low power consumption, Zigbee is known for its low power consumption and MESH ad hoc network, and WiFi is known for its large data and high bandwidth transmission. So, what technologies will the new Bluetooth 5.0 rely on to support the IoT market?

Lower power consumption

Compared with BLE4.2, Bluetooth 5.0 greatly reduces the power consumption of Bluetooth (power consumption is reduced by 15~50%). Compared with WiFi technology, which consumes huge power, BLE has more obvious advantages for smart home products. Faster transmission rate The upper limit of the transmission speed of Bluetooth 5.0 is 2Mbps, which is twice that of the previous BLE4.2.

Longer transmission distance

In theory, the effective working distance between Bluetooth transmitting and receiving devices can reach 300 meters, which is four times the original. Now smart devices in a family can be connected with BLE, from smart light control to smart lock, which will enable it to grab the share of WiFi in the smart home market. And whether it is a Bluetooth mouse or a wearable device, users can no longer worry about dropping the connection due to the longer distance.

More transmission functions

The data carrying capacity of the Bluetooth 5.0 broadcast packet is 8 times that of the 4.2BLE version. The new Bluetooth 5.0 can add more data transmission functions. Hardware manufacturers can use Bluetooth 5.0 to create more complex connection systems, such as Beacon or location services. Therefore, the advertisement data sent through the Bluetooth device can send a small amount of information to the target device without even pairing.

IoT applications

Bluetooth 5.0 has carried out many bottom-level optimizations for the Internet of Things, and strives to serve smart homes with lower power consumption and higher performance. Once accurate indoor positioning can be achieved, smart homes will gain strong technical support like a fish in the water, directly and indirectly deriving a variety of new smart home functions. In addition, its support for longer operating cycles enables IoT devices such as smart homes to communicate with each other in a wider range.


Compared with WiFi technology, Bluetooth also provides two layers of password protection. In terms of security, Bluetooth is significantly better than WiFi. Therefore, Bluetooth technology is considered an ideal secure connection method. There is no doubt that the emergence of Bluetooth 5.0 has solved the weaknesses of Bluetooth technology in transmission distance, penetration, stability, and energy consumption in the past. It will help companies adopting the Bluetooth 5.0 standard in smart homes and smart wearables to compete in the market. Add chips.

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