Smart bracelet manufacturers have proposed a smart bracelet that establishes a connection with a mobile phone

2021-01-07 10:28:48

As the pace of people's work and life accelerates, how to make the most of their time and exercise their bodies is a problem that people are paying more and more attention to. Modern people rely on mobile phones more and more, even in the gym, mobile phones do not leave their hands, when exercising, always pay attention to whether there are incoming calls or messages, how to achieve the connection between users and mobile phones through portable devices, without delay The exercise monitoring device that does not miss key calls during exercise and conveniently displays exercise data to the user is a problem that needs to be solved urgently.

The smart bracelet manufacturer proposes a smart bracelet to establish a connection with a mobile phone. The instrument panel is embedded with a Bluetooth module, a micro vibrator and an audio player; the instrument panel also includes a heart rate meter and an oximeter, and the heart rate meter and oximeter are adopted The same structure is time-shared and multiplexed. It is set on the back of the dashboard and the skin contact surface. This structure includes two LED lights and photosensitive elements set on the skin contact part; blood oxygen detection mode: two LED lights output fixed wavelength beams , The photosensitive element collects the light diffusely reflected back through the skin, tissue, and blood, and converts the light intensity representing the blood oxygen saturation value into an electrical signal; heart rate detection mode: two LEDs emit light, the photosensitive element receives the reflected light, DSP The counter of the processor counts the frequency of the electrical signal output by the photosensitive element to obtain the heart rate value.