Development of Single Chip Microcomputer for Breathing Alcohol Tester

2021-01-07 10:09:34

Development of Single Chip Microcomputer for Breathing Alcohol Tester

Breath alcohol tester is a unique and mature breath alcohol concentration tester. The breath alcohol tester uses the change of the sensor’s semiconductor electrical characteristics to detect the alcohol concentration. It uses a self-developed new ceramic material and catalytic technology to analyze the alcohol concentration in the breath with high selectivity. The sensor only reacts with alcohol, unlike Other general-purpose semiconductor sensors are equally susceptible to interference from many other gases (such as smoking and the smell of food).


Features of breath alcohol tester

* Cutting-edge alcohol sensor technology: the latest improved patented highly selective semiconductor sensor, which only reacts with alcohol, has stronger anti-interference ability

* Blowing detection technology: Discontinuous and stable blowing, will give an alarm

* Calibration inspection technology: self-calibration accuracy to ensure reliable measurement

* Two-color LCD display, 3 digits display, and operation prompt sound

* Test results: more accurate, more stable and more reliable

* Short warm-up and response time: 20 seconds warm-up, 3-5 seconds response

* Fast recovery speed: only 30 seconds for a complete measurement

* Long sensor life: more than 3000 tests

* Hygiene test: the mouthpiece can be replaced to avoid cross infection

* New appearance design: small, lightweight, elegant and shiny titanium alloy coating

* Working on battery or car power, automatic shutdown, low battery prompt