Fandou Smart Watch Solutions MCU Development

2021-01-07 11:06:54

Fandou Smart Watch Solutions MCU Development

IC card gas meter solution


● Anti-tamper switch

● Low voltage detection

● Double dry reed pipe flow pulse measurement

● Encrypted IC memory card to ensure data security

● LCD display can adjust the power usage at will

● Card operation: set card, user card, query card

typical application

 ● TM card water/gas meter, IC card water/gas meter, radio frequency card water/gas meter, etc.

Smart meter power solution


● Each chip is strictly tested before leaving the factory

● According to historical shipping records, the defect rate is less than 10 PPM

● Support wide range input: 57-580Vac

● Built-in MOSFET, high integration, simple circuit, few components

● The unique frequency jitter function makes it easier for EMI to pass

● Has the most comprehensive protection function

● Output overvoltage protection

● Input over-voltage protection

● Feedback loop open loop protection

● Output short-circuit protection, long-term short-circuit, and automatic restart after recovery

● IC built-in over-temperature protection

typical application

● Single-phase electric meter

● Three-phase electric meter

● Smart meters, etc.

Wireless meter reading solution

● Highly integrated two-way FSK transceiver

● Working frequency range 470-510MHz

● Programmable output power, frequency deviation and receiving bandwidth

● Excellent selectivity, blocking characteristics

● Use standard SPI interface with MCU, only 6 ports (SDI, SDO, SCK, NSEL, NIRQ, SDN) work

● Few peripheral components, small size, easy to install

● Can pass the State Grid AMR certification standard

● Open distance 1KM