What is external counterpulsation

2021-01-07 10:05:23

What is external counterpulsation?

Answer: External counterpulsation is a special airbag cover wrapped around the lower limbs and buttocks of the human body. The R wave of the electrocardiogram is used as the trigger signal. The diastolic pressure of the aorta improves the blood supply to the heart, brain and other important organs; before the systole, the air sacs are quickly exhausted, and the blood vessels of the compressed limbs open, which reduces the systolic pressure of the aorta, thereby reducing peripheral circulation resistance and reducing the heart load.

        External counterpulsation uses air sacs wrapped in the lower limbs of the human body to exert external pressure on the human body during diastole to drive the blood from the lower limbs and buttocks back to the aorta, thereby increasing the perfusion pressure and blood supply of the myocardium (increased by 30-50%). To achieve the purpose of improving vascular function, improving blood circulation and metabolism, increasing heart oxygen supply and reducing myocardial loss, it can reduce blood viscosity, improve microcirculation, reduce platelet aggregation, and reduce thromboxane levels. It is a treatment for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. A kind of non-invasive treatment.

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