Automatic Distributing Machine for Restaurant Special Plate

2021-01-06 18:35:26 fandoukeji

Automatic Distributing Machine for Restaurant Special Plate


The user only needs to swipe the meal card, and the automatic plate dispenser will "spit out" a stainless steel plate. An automatic tray can meet the needs of 200-600 people, and 15-20 trays can be made in 30 seconds. At noon, I saw in the staff canteen of the Public Security Bureau of Shangri-La City that the police consciously lined up in front of the automatic plate dispenser and took the plates in an orderly manner after swiping the card. "The machine is currently running smoothly, and one meal can generally serve two hundred plates." The person in charge of the canteen said. In order to allow the majority of employees to adapt to the machine to take the dinner plate as soon as possible, the canteen specially arranges a staff member to guide the use by the machine.

The Shangri-La Public Security Bureau uses the swiping card automatic plate dispenser to produce 15-20 plates in 30 seconds

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Function of automatic plate selling equipment:

1. Centralized storage of dinner plates,

2. Ozone + ultraviolet double disinfection,

3. No disk, lack of disk, fault alarm,

4. Double detection to ensure equipment stability,

5. It takes only one minute to add a plate,

6. The time interval for selling is only 2-3 seconds.