Intelligent multifunctional treadmill control board, circuit board, circuit board, computer display board PCBA

2021-01-06 18:22:12 fandoukeji

Intelligent multifunctional treadmill control board circuit board circuit board computer display board PCBA

Explosion-proof protection circuit;

Regulated output and start of working power supply;

Working control of DC motor;

Torque adjustment, slope adjustment;

Communication connection between electronic watch and electric control;

Fat test etc.;

Hand-held heart rate test;

Can display distance, speed, time, heart rate, total distance, total time, step count, can be controlled by infrared remote control or wireless remote control, LED digital screen or LCD display can be developed according to user requirements;

The above functions are for reference only, and control circuit boards for household appliances/automobiles/medical electronics can be customized according to customer's functional requirements