Smart tea maker

2021-01-06 16:06:30 fandoukeji

[Make tea in 3 minutes! ? 】

Combining the traditional tea ceremony with innovative technology, only 3 minutes, even if you don't have a good tea art, you can taste the original tea rhyme and sweet tea flavor. Many people like to drink tea, but everyone rarely makes tea for fear of wasting time or trouble. Because in general, you have to use a water heater to boil the tea first, and then put the tea leaves into the teapot to heat the water before brewing. Sometimes a person has to wash the tea machine and tea set after making tea. The TEAMOSA design team hopes to solve this annoying problem and develop smart tea. After adding the tea, just press the button and wait 3 minutes for tea! The tea machine can automatically sense tea, and it can also automatically wash tea dishes and tea machines. In addition, you can set the brewing time according to your personal preference with the mobile APP to meet your different needs.


-One-click tea making, ready in 3 minutes

– Special technology to retain the flavor of tea

– Will not become bitter after soaking for too long

-Bluetooth connection APP to set temperature and time

– APP has 6 best tea brewing modes for tea

– LED light shows temperature

– Automatic tea washing & tea machine

– Automatically heat hot water & make tea

– Double-layer glass cover to understand the tea making process

– Bamboo round chassis