Coffee machine (pot) circuit board, circuit board, control board, PCB development and design

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Coffee machine (pot) circuit board circuit board control board PCB development and design

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Coffee machine (pot) solution

Coffee pot function description:

1. On/Off (on/off): After power on, press the button to start brewing coffee, the On indicator and the word ON on the LCD will light up, and after the coffee is brewed (temperature detection) the buzzer will emit "Bi..... Bi.... .Bi…..Bi……Bi…….”, prompts that the coffee is brewed; while the coffee is being brewed, press the button to stop heating; at any time, press this button to turn on/off the heating and exit all modes, the LCD displays the current time.

2. Program (reservation): the machine is not allowed to make coffee; press the button once the LCD displays the reserved coffee time and PROGRAM status, and the time display flashes at a frequency of 0.5 Hz. You can adjust the minutes by pressing the Min and Hour keys to adjust the hour; Press this key to immediately return to the current time state and stop flashing; if you don't press this key, it will return to the current time state and stop flashing after 6 seconds.

3. Min (minute): adjust the current time or the minute of the appointment time; when the current time is displayed, press this button to flash the time display at a frequency of 0.5 Hz, and you can add or subtract minutes at this time, and stop if you don’t press the button for 6 seconds Flashing.

4. Hour (hour): adjust the current time or the time of the appointment; when the current time is displayed, press this key to flash the time display at a frequency of 0.5 Hz, at this time it can be added or subtracted, and it will stop if no key is pressed for 6 seconds Flashing.

5. Auto (automatic): Press this button, the Auto indicator flashes and LCD ON indicates that the machine enters the scheduled power-on state; when the current time reaches the scheduled time, the machine is turned on, and the buzzer emits "Bi... Bi... Bi..." , It reminds the machine that the appointment time is up to start brewing coffee, and the Auto indicator goes out.

Protective function:

NTC open circuit alarm: when the NTC is open, the heating will be turned off, and the buzzer will sound "Bi..Bi..Bi………." until the power is turned off; when the open circuit is alarmed, ON/OFF and scheduled startup are prohibited;

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