Health pot control board, health pot circuit board, electric kettle control board

2021-01-06 16:25:44 fandoukeji

Health pot control board Health pot circuit board, electric kettle control board

1. Pure 304 stainless steel heating element, healthy and environmentally friendly, in line with food standards;

2. The special high-boron transparent glass pot body is instantly hot and cold, will not break, safe and hygienic, easy to clean, and the pot body is delicious when cooking food;

3. Imported Shibaura sensor for more accurate temperature measurement;

4. Microcomputer automatic frequency conversion control technology, when the food is boiled, it will automatically frequency conversion to a low power state of slow stewing and slow cooking, thereby saving power;

5. High-quality thermostat, multiple safety protection, more stable quality;

6. Rotate at any angle at 360°C, easy to place, flexible and free, with large heat-insulating and anti-scalding handle design, comfortable hand feeling, not easy to burn hands;

7. One pot is multi-purpose. In addition to the traditional electric pot, it can also be used for hot pot, soup, dumplings, noodles, scented tea, Chinese herbal medicine, steamed buns, steamed eggs, etc.

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