Motorcycle lock anti-theft alarm electronic product program software and hardware development, design and production

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Motorcycle lock anti-theft alarm electronic product program software and hardware development, design and production

Mini motorcycle lock anti-theft alarm

One. Overview:

There are many types of anti-theft alarms. We now introduce a mini-motorcycle lock anti-theft alarm. This alarm is installed in the motorcycle lock. As long as the lock is opened for more than 10 seconds, the alarm will sound like a bell. Attract the attention of pedestrians. This alarm is low in cost and adds the function of locking and guarding to the anti-theft car lock.

The picture on the right is a simplified diagram of the control function.

The whole machine is controlled by an 8-bit microprocessor HT48R05A-1. Considering the cost of the entire circuit, we use a cheap and good-quality ultra-small vibration sensor. As long as the lock is vibrated, if it exceeds a certain period of time, the microcontroller will send an alarm. The bell alarm sounds, indicating that the situation is abnormal. Although the entire circuit is small, the alarm sound is as high as 121dB within 20cm. There is a strong alarm sound in a certain range.

We also added a release switch in the circuit, which can cancel the alarm function when the car lock does not need to alarm (for example, during self-transportation). The corresponding function is only available when the alarm function is turned on.

The circuit is equipped with one horizontal and one vertical vibration sensor to ensure that the alarm function can be excited by vibration in different directions. Once it is vibrated, it will send out 5 alarms. If it continues to be vibrated, the alarm will continue until the vibration is eliminated. When there is no vibration, the alarm is in sleep state and consumes little electrode. Once there is vibration, the MCU will wake up immediately. In the alarm activation state, if the key is normally turned on, the alarm will not sound an alarm, but as long as it vibrates abnormally Will call the police.

The circuit uses three AAA batteries. If the alarm is once a day, it will be used normally for about half a year, and the structure of the car lock is also convenient for battery replacement.

Taking into account the outdoor use or the susceptibility to strong vibration, the whole circuit adopts SMD components and technology, which can withstand strong vibration, and the circuit board is cured with epoxy resin after the circuit is assembled to meet the waterproof requirements.

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