Discussion on the design of single-chip wireless charging scheme

2021-01-06 18:39:29 fandoukeji

With the increasing demand for electricity, it is necessary to design the single-chip wireless charging scheme, and the requirements for special occasions, special geographical environment, power supply quality, reliability, convenience, safety, etc. of electrical equipment continue to improve, and some backward equipment It can no longer meet the needs in reality and needs to be redesigned. Even though some well-known companies have already launched some wireless charging devices, many places are not perfect and need to be further improved. It is more difficult to implement high-power wireless transmission. Wireless charging technology can still show its superiority in the range of low power. Domestic wireless power supply equipment design started late compared to foreign countries, and many wireless charging products have appeared on the market, but they are all in areas with relatively small electric power, such as electric shavers, electric toys, etc., but the bottleneck is still not substantial Therefore, the design needs to be further improved. This requires technology and talents. The use of high-tech and relatively simple and easy-to-operate equipment to achieve long-distance wireless power transmission, forming a commercial trend application, today’s mobile electronics The equipment world will usher in a new revolution. Since the advent of wireless power supply technology, after dozens of years of development, it has become one of the important industries in industrialized countries such as the United States and Germany. The world's total sales continue to rise and manufacturers continue to emerge. We can also make breakthroughs. If others do well, we will continue to do well. This field will be infinite in the future. With continuous improvement in chargers, people no longer need to complain about the lack of suitable chargers, and no need to prepare heavy batteries for electronic devices. Extend their standby time. We can make handheld devices smaller and thinner, and can even be easily implanted in the body. So these have been slowly realized. We have to get ahead of others and design the best single-chip wireless charging solution to satisfy all suppliers, The needs of buyers, manufacturers and companies.