Human fever screening system

2021-01-06 19:05:33 fandoukeji

Human fever screening system

The highest temperature of the human body surface is generally in the forehead, around the base of the nose and eye sockets, where there are more blood vessels and thin skin. The infrared thermal imager can well reflect the temperature status of the measured human body and issue a reliable alarm, which facilitates the staff to conduct rapid and large-area investigations and effectively avoid cross-infection.

1. Quick and large-scale investigation

The infrared thermal imaging camera uses non-contact imaging temperature measurement methods, the image response speed is 0.04ms, and the temperature measurement response speed is fast. It can check one or more high temperature individuals in the field of view within 1S (such as the use of traditional thermometers to detect generally required 3 minutes per person, ordinary spot thermometers, forehead thermometers, and ear thermometers are tested for a single human body, and the general detection time takes 4 to 5 seconds per person).

2. Long distance, safe and concealed

Using passive, long-distance, non-contact, and non-disturbing temperature measurement methods, the subject does not need to stop, stand or make any movements to complete the body temperature detection. At the same time, the staff stay away from the tested population, effectively avoiding cross-infection.

3. Search for the highest temperature on the surface of the human body for easy judgment. The infrared thermal imaging camera can search for the highest temperature on the body surface of the person being tested, and can calculate the internal temperature display through the built-in software, which is convenient for the staff to conduct body temperature investigation.

4. Continuous detection, reliable alarm

The thermal imaging camera can be powered by an external power supply to continuously sample the human body temperature; it has a fully automatic temperature search function, and the on-site personnel only need to continuously pass the field of view, and the thermal imaging camera can quickly and conveniently conduct body temperature investigations. When a high-temperature individual passes through the field of view, the infrared thermal imaging camera can indicate the location of the high-temperature individual and issue a sound or color warning.