Online thermal imaging camera

2021-01-06 19:03:46 fandoukeji

Online thermal imaging camera

The application areas of thermal imaging cameras are mainly security and automation applications. In such applications, networking capabilities and protocol compliance are critical. The online thermal imaging camera can be installed anywhere to monitor your important equipment and other valuable assets. It helps protect your equipment and measures temperature differences to assess the criticality of a given environment. Allows you to detect the problem early before it develops into a costly malfunction, thereby preventing downtime and enhancing the safety of the worker’s working environment.

     Excellent temperature measurement performance

     ● Use FLIR imported infrared camera (324*256/640*512), excellent image clarity and temperature sensitivity

     ● Low power consumption design, faster booting and more accurate temperature measurement

     ● DDE digital image detail enhancement technology, making small details can be clearly presented

    Excellent online features

     ● Using 1000M Ethernet interface, the network is convenient, flexible and economical

     ● Front-end temperature measurement technology, front-end image processing, output alarm signal

     ● Online network transmission of images, serial ports, IO signals.

     ● Support simultaneous access by multiple clients

    Excellent integrated functions

     ● Industrial-grade high-performance CortexA9 processor

     ● Real-time storage of front-end digital images

           ● Two input and two output optical isolation IO

           ● One industrial-grade isolated RS-232 interface and one industrial-grade isolated RS-422 interface

           ● System watchdog

           ● Control electric focus

           ● Provide professional version applications, SDK, image offline analysis software

     ● SDK exports more than 60 functions, which can fully realize thermal imager control, image processing and temperature measurement

     ● Small size, rich interface, easy to integrate

     ● A variety of optional lenses: 7.5 – 400 mm

     ● Meet the requirements of industrial-grade working environment

   Excellent plasticity

     Support local area network, wide area network, support various integrations, support multiple installation methods, support drone mounting, etc.

   Friendly development interface

     Provide SDK and demo examples for Windows, Linux (Ubuntu) and Android; support users to customize development, image processing and control on the device side.

     Application field

     ● Forest fire monitoring

     ● Fire monitoring in thermal power plants, equipment monitoring in substations

     ● Monitoring of ladle refractories in steel mills

     ● Fire hazard monitoring in coal yard, water penetration detection in coal mine

     ● Detect human body temperature, detect the effect of local anesthesia, monitor epidemic situation, control the spread of virus infection, and detect human lesions

     ● Quality inspection of crude steel in automobile industry, quality inspection of automobile production, automobile driving assistance

     ● Natural gas storage monitoring, gas leakage detection and location, monitoring methane gas leakage, monitoring harmful gas leakage

     ● Cement cellar inspection, resistor quality monitoring, beer bottled monitoring, food processing monitoring, solid waste fire prevention monitoring, glass bottle bubble detection

     ● UAV night vision, remote sensing monitoring

     ● Automatic quality control, automatic monitoring and inspection of dairy farms

     ● Road monitoring, railway overhead catenary catenary monitoring

     ● Drilling platform flame detection, air pollutant discharge monitoring, sewage discharge monitoring

     ● Building exterior wall inspection, ceiling inspection, house thermal insulation inspection, ventilation pipe inspection, swimming pool water leakage inspection, building structure monitoring after earthquake

     ● Airport security heat alarm system, border security monitoring, coastal monitoring

     ● Volcano research, fuel cell research, oxygen cylinder inflation safety research, cultural relic protection and restoration application, sports equipment research