Ceramic chip hair straightener MCU development control case

2021-01-06 18:56:56 fandoukeji

Hair straighteners are also called electric splints. The English name is Hair straightener. It is commonly called splints. It heats the heating element MCH or PTC or heating wire of the hair straightener through electric current and conducts heat to the aluminum plate or ceramic plate.

Quickly collect the temperature of the ceramic heating element

5-level temperature adjustment

5-way indicator light indicates working status

1. Power switch settings

Plug in the power plug, press the ON/OFF button to turn on (the rest of the buttons cannot be turned on or off), the LCD backlight, etc. will be on, and the default temperature at this time is 180°C. (According to customer requirements).

2. Temperature display function

The heating element will automatically heat up after starting up, and it will stop heating until the default temperature of 180℃. During this process, the temperature progress indicator on the left side of the LCD will display the current heating degree as the temperature increases. The temperature range is from 80°C to 200°C. (According to customer requirements).

3. Temperature adjustment setting

Take the Celsius function as an example, press HIGH, LOW to select the temperature. Each time you press HIGH or LOW, the temperature display on the LCD will increase or decrease by 5°C (according to customer requirements). At this time, the LCD will flicker. After the temperature adjustment is stopped, it will flicker 4 times to indicate confirmation, and it will return to the current actual temperature display. The temperature adjustment range is 80℃—200℃.

4. Automatic sleep, automatic shutdown

Since the customer does not use it for a long time, the system will enter the dormant state, and the temperature will be constant at about 100°C (according to customer requirements). If it is not used for half an hour, the system will automatically shut down. If used within half an hour, the system will heat up and return to sleep. The temperature before.

5. Heating element short circuit and open circuit protection

If any heating element is short-circuited or open-circuited, the system will not heat up and Err will be displayed on the LCD.

6. The constant temperature power is 45W, and the temperature error is +/-3℃.


⑴ Reduce the temperature difference caused by different NTC assembly.

⑵Due to the different temperature control methods, there is no temperature overshoot at high temperatures that NTC avoids, and the system is safe.

⑶ Since the non-NTC hair straightener detects the temperature of the heating element core, the accuracy is greatly improved, and the temperature error is +/-3℃.

⑷No need to replace any components, it can work under 110~220V voltage.

⑸ Working under 110V and 220V voltage, the heating power is the same.

1. temperature display

2. Temperature adjustment

3. Automatic shut-down

4. Celsius and Fahrenheit conversion display

5. Automatic sleep, automatic wakeup

6. Heating element short circuit and open circuit protection

7. Wide voltage operation (110~220V)