Disinfection cabinet door control board case

2021-01-06 19:33:34 fandoukeji

Disinfecting cabinets are the first electrical products invented by China, which are widely used in hotels, guesthouses, restaurants, schools, troops, canteens and other places. More and more Chinese families have noticed the importance of disinfection cabinets, which will be one of household appliances in the future.

Working time 60 minutes

3 LEDs indicate working status

LCD display, blue, white, green backlight

Program automatic control: 20 minutes of disinfection and 60 minutes of drying

Disinfection and drying can be operated separately

Time setting: 20; 40; 60 minutes

Temperature protection

Door opening protection

1. Start down the disinfection button, the drying and disinfection indicator light is on, the quartz heating tube starts to work, and the displayed temperature also changes with the heating change. When the temperature rise shows 130℃, the heating operation stops and the temperature in the cabinet begins to drop , When the temperature drops to 120℃, the quartz heating tube continues to heat up, when the temperature rises to 130℃, the heating stops, according to this cycle of work for 15 minutes (from the first time it rises to 130℃ when the display starts timing) buzzer The alarm will beep six times, and the lower disinfection indicator will automatically go out, indicating that the disinfection work has stopped, and the display will automatically turn off after 30 minutes without any instructions.

2. Start the upper cleaning button, the upper cleaning indicator light is on, the 12W ozone generator and the ultraviolet lamp start to work, when it reaches 30 minutes, the buzzer will beep six times, and the upper cleaning indicator light goes out, indicating that the cleaning work has stopped. Automatically turn off the display screen after 30 minutes without any instructions.

3. When the automatic button is activated, the automatic disinfection time is 60 minutes, the drying and disinfection will start automatically, and the drying and disinfection will stop after 30 minutes; it will automatically switch to the cleaning function, and the ozone and ultraviolet lamps will automatically work in turn. After 60 minutes, they will automatically dry. Cleaning is over. The buzzer alarms six times.

4. The buzzer will beep once when each button is pressed.

5. The button is to cycle startup, drying, cleaning, automatic, and shutdown operations.

6. The digital display is clear, easy to operate, and clear at a glance.

The disinfection cabinet is equipped with various functions such as disinfection, heat preservation, drying, and door opening alarm.