Massager MCU development case

2021-01-07 11:02:35 fandoukeji

The massager is a new waist massager instead of health care equipment developed based on physics, bionics, bioelectricity, Chinese medicine and many years of clinical practice.

LCD display status and working mode

9 modes, 18 levels of intensity selection

Hot moxibustion and massage can be operated at the same time

Temperature and voltage detection function

The electric vibration massager is a mini massager composed of a micro powerful motor and two to four fixed massage heads. The working principle: Simply put, the electromagnetic massager is mainly composed of electromagnetic wire cores and coils. When the coil is passed at 50Hz The alternating magnetic field is generated when the power frequency alternating current is high, and the alternating magnetic field is small and large, which drives the iron core to vibrate, and then transmits the vibration to the massage head. Because our country uses 50Hz alternating current, the vibration frequency of the massage head is 100Hz.

Apply digital technology;

Adjustable system of intensity, function and light mode;

Use infrared electrode patch to cover a larger area;

Through the combination of massage head rotation, you can experience massage, pounding and kneading, and enjoy the real feeling of anthropomorphic hand massage.