Electronic scale microcontroller custom development case

2021-01-07 10:20:27 fandoukeji

The cooperation method is flexible and changeable, which can be used for the development of IC and project, and also provide module (PCBA).

1. No need for external EEPROM IC, lower cost.

2. Display resolution 1/5000 (optional).

3. Four buttons: ON/OFF, MODE/CAL, TARE, PCS.

4. Weighing unit: g, oz, dwt, ct (default 4 types, the unit can be set arbitrarily, up to 4 types).

5. Automatic shutdown: the scale will automatically shut down if there is no operation within 1 minute.

6. Backlight function: turn off the backlight for 10 seconds without operation (time is optional).

7. Working voltage: 3V, internal voltage regulation, low voltage detection: 2.4V.

8. One point calibration: full scale point (optional).

9. The data can be displayed by LED or LCD, or transmitted to the computer via a data cable to display or save the data.

10. Low power consumption: about 4.5mA when working and 1uA when sleeping (condition: 1KΩ sensor.

Develop electronic body scales, kitchen scales, pocket scales (including high-precision), fat scales, etc. according to customer specific requirements.

Provide electronic human body scales, kitchen scales, pocket scales (including high precision), fat scales and other modules according to customer specific requirements.

Professional solution company, solutions and modules are multi-purpose, multi-specification and multi-variety, which can fully meet the specific requirements of various customers.

Adopting Sonix IC design, low voltage, low power consumption, easy production, stable performance and high yield rate.

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