AVCLL1006 Little Treasure Fairy Gem Light

2021-01-07 11:12:15 fandoukeji

AVCLL1006 Little Treasure Fairy Gem Light

The Little Treasure Fairy Gem Light is a controller device that intelligently recognizes local voices and converts them into infrared commands at the same time. It has a built-in sensitive intelligent voice recognition system and has extremely fast voice control capabilities. Users can realize the connection Interaction, such as: "Turn on the air conditioner", the air conditioner will enter the start state; the indoor temperature is too high, just tell the little treasure to "20 degrees", you can enjoy more cool; if you want to adjust the wind direction, you can say "turn on the sweep "...Each command can be fed back extremely quickly and accurately. The operation is simple and convenient, and it eliminates the trouble of looking for remote control.

Product Features

Easy to install and use, no need for internet or APP

Voice control TV, air conditioner, fan, curtain, socket and whole house lighting

USB5V power supply, ready to use

Support all major brands of air conditioner remote controls in the market

10 meters range far-field pickup, more than 95% recognition accuracy, 0.2 second extremely fast response

Unique mute function mode, not disturbing people at night and more humane

Multi-color atmosphere light function, more suitable for daily home use

Used for coffee table, desk, bedside table, adapt to different user needs

Supporting single fire switch panel to extend the voice control of traditional room lights

Support subsequent data upgrades, cover more household appliances, and realize whole-house intelligence