ASP202W Dual Channel Single Fire Smart Switch Panel

2021-01-07 11:15:31 fandoukeji

ASP202W Dual Channel Single Fire Smart Switch Panel

Little Treasure Wizard can carry out voice control of all lighting fixtures in the family. The lighting control must use the single-channel, dual-channel, three-channel 86 single-fire panel switch developed and produced by our company or other products of our company's plan, including on-off, drive power, free stickers, sockets, etc. No wiring required, easy modification, directly replacing the original traditional switches of the family, matching with the little treasure wizard through simple settings, and easy voice control

Product Features

Single-fire two-way switch panel, realize two-way lamp control

Tempered glass touch panel, realizing touch and voice control lamps

Standard 86 size, easy to install

Support lamp power 5~200W

Supporting Little Treasure Wizard voice central control to realize whole house lighting control