ARM Cortex®-M4F AT32F403A 系列 产品列表

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AT32F403 series

Arteli Technology AT32F403A series of high-performance microcontrollers, equipped with 32-bit ARM® Cortex®-M4 cores, and advanced manufacturing processes can effectively increase the overall performance of 240MHz computing speed. The built-in single-precision floating-point unit (FPU) and digital signal processor (DSP), with rich peripherals and flexible clock control mechanism, can meet a variety of applications. The complete memory design can support up to 1MB of flash memory (Flash) and 224KB of random access memory (SRAM). Its flash memory performs excellent performance of zero-wait, surpassing the level of similar chips in the industry.

In addition to integrating high-performance computing performance, the AT32F403A series also introduces the sLib Security Library to support password protection of a designated range of program areas. Solution providers can burn core algorithms to this area and provide downstream customers for secondary development. In addition, it supports 8 sets of UART serial ports, and 2 sets of CAN buses are especially suitable for IoT applications, and USB device applications do not require external crystal oscillators, which can improve the reliability of terminal products and reduce costs for multiple purposes. AT32F403A can operate in an industrial temperature range of -40~105°C, and in response to various memory usage requirements, it provides a series of chips for selection. Its rich on-chip resource allocation, high integration and high cost-effective first-class market competitiveness are suitable for Various cost-sensitive and computationally demanding designs such as industrial automation, motor control, Internet of Things (IoT) and consumer electronics.

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ARM® Cortex®-M4 main frequency up to 240MHz

Single precision floating point unit

Memory execution zero wait technology

2.6V ~ 3.6V supply voltage

I/Os can withstand 5V levels

Temperature range -40 ~ +105°C


Up to 1MB flash memory

Up to 224KB SRAM

sLib: Set the designated main storage area as a safe library area for executing code (can only be called but cannot be read)


Up to 16MB external SPI Flash memory expansion (program execution/data storage/program and data can be encrypted)


PLL (240 MHz output)

External high-speed 4 ~ 25 MHz crystal oscillator

Internal high-speed 48 MHz RC oscillator (-40°C ~ 105°C)

With automatic clock calibration (ACC) (25 °C up to 1% accuracy, -40°C ~ 105°C up to 2.5% accuracy)

External low-speed 32.768kHz RTC crystal oscillator

Internal low-speed 40kHz RC oscillator

Reset and power management

Sleep, shutdown, and standby modes

Power-on/power-off reset (POR/PDR)

Programmable Voltage Monitor (PVD)

Vʙᴀᴛ supplies power to the RTC and 42 16-bit backup registers

Emulate high-performance peripherals

3 sets of 2M sampling rate 12-bit A/D converter (21 channels)

2-channel 12-bit D/A converter


2 16-bit PWM advanced control timers with dead zone control

2 32-bit, 8 16-bit general-purpose timers

2 watchdog timers (independent and window type)

2 16-bit basic timers (driving DAC)

1 system time timer: 24-bit self-decreasing type

Peripheral interface

3 x I²C

4 x SPI / I²S (SPI up to 50MHz)

(I²S2/I²S3 supports full duplex)

4 x USART + 4 x UART (support ISO7816, LIN, IrDA interface and modem control)

2 x SDIO

Crystal-less USB2.0 full speed interface

2 x CAN 2.0B


14 channels, support timer, ADC, DAC, SDIO, I²S, SPI, I²C and USART

Fast I/O port

Up to 80 I/O ports, all I/O ports can be mapped to 16 external interrupts; almost all I/O ports can tolerate 5V input signals

All I/O ports are fast I/O, with the highest register access speed fᴀʜʙ


Support CF card, SRAM, PSRAM, NOR and NAND memory

Support parallel LCD interface, compatible with 8080/6800 mode


48/64/100-pin LQFP

48-pin QFN

ARM Cortex®-M4F AT32F403A Series Product List

SCM Development, PCBA, SCM Development Company, SCM Scheme Development


ZW = zero wait-state, up to SYSCLK 240 MHz

NZW = non zero wait-state

The flash memory supports the expansion of on-chip SRAM to 224 KB. Taking AT32F403AVGT7 as an example, Flash/SRAM can be set to the following two configurations:

– ZW: 256 KB, NZW: 768 KB, RAM: 96 KB;

– ZW: 128 KB, NZW: 896 KB, RAM: 224 KB.

No UART8; USART6 can only be used as UART due to lack of CK pin

There is only SDIO2, and it supports up to 4 bits (D0~D3) mode.

Only supports the promotion of 8-bit mode LCD screen.

SPIM = External SPI Flash memory expansion (program execution/data storage/program and data can be encrypted).