Smart door and window solution

2021-01-06 19:32:54 fandoukeji

Traditional mechanical locks must be unlocked with keys. Users must carry a large set of keys with them, and they cannot open the door if they are lost; in summer, it is extremely inconvenient to take the key for a walk in summer; to throw away trash and forget to bring the key and be locked outside, etc. Forget to close the windows, get wet on the floor or computer when it rains; forget to open the windows after work; if the air in the home is turbid, you must open the windows manually. When you go out, you need to go upstairs and downstairs to check whether the windows are closed and so on. Traditional curtains must be opened and closed manually. In winter, you must open the curtains when you get up in the morning, close the curtains when you sleep, and close the curtains when you are in a two-person world. Highlights of smart doors and windows:

In addition to being able to control the doors and windows of your home anytime and anywhere, the devices in the smart home system are interconnected, and in many cases you can also achieve unexpected convenience and enjoyment.

1. The smart door lock can remind the family members of the arrival information in real time; when the door lock is opened, it can link the home scene and present personalized scenes according to the different identities of the family members. For example, when the father comes home, the light will activate the bright mode to take the guests home Automatically start the meeting mode, etc., and automatically start the warm mode when mother comes home.

2. After going to bed at night, when the bedroom carbon dioxide exceeds the standard, the window will be automatically opened for ventilation, and the window will be automatically closed when the standard is reached.

3. In the morning, the background music wake-up function is activated, the curtains are automatically opened 30%, the windows are automatically opened, and fresh air enters the room.

4. When the outdoor light is too high, the curtains are automatically closed by 50%; when the light is too dazzling, the curtains are automatically closed and so on.

*Feature highlights: Simple operation and convenient life. Multiple modes: Electric curtains provide a variety of operating modes, with a light touch start function, and the curtains can be automatically opened and closed with a single pull. Panel control function, taking care of the elderly and children, you can open and close the curtain by tapping on the wall panel; mobile phone control, control the opening and closing function of any curtain in the house anytime, anywhere. Electric curtains also have the power-off hand pull function, so there is no need to worry even if the power is off. Centralized control: When you go out, you can close all curtains and windows with one button, saving time and worry, and you no longer need to check each room one by one. It can also realize the function of opening all curtain windows with one key. Remote control: remotely open the door for parents or nanny, and remotely control the curtains and windows at home, which is very convenient and fast. Timing control: wake up regularly in the morning, at 7:30, the background music host automatically starts to play music, curtains automatically open 30%, windows automatically open, and breathe fresh air in the music to usher in a new day. IOT sensing, worry-free wind and rain sensing: Through the wind and rain sensor, when it is windy and rainy, without human operation, the system can automatically close the windows, preventing the loss of home property. Technological life meets humanity's identity sensing: through fingerprint door locks, you can receive news of family members returning home from the office. When the door is opened, different identities present different scenarios to meet each individual's individual needs. Technology brings us not only convenience, but also enjoyment.