Dehumidification system household dehumidifier, dryer moisture absorption machine control circuit board circuit board, refrigeration and dehumidification are added in one step

2020-12-18 12:01:24 fandoukeji

Dehumidification system, household dehumidifier, dryer, moisture absorption machine, control circuit board, circuit board, cooling and dehumidification in one step

Rated working voltage range: 170V-260V;

LED light/LCD screen displays current working status;

3 types of wind control: normal wind, natural wind, sleep wind;

4-speed wind speed control: low speed, medium speed, high speed, super high speed;

Cooling function;

Swing function;

Fresh negative ion function;

Easily realize the timing appointment function;

Automatically detect the water level of the water tank;

Remote control function;

The above functions are for reference only, and control circuit boards for household appliances/automobiles/medical electronics can be customized according to customer's functional requirements