Infrared induction electric automatic door control circuit board circuit board computer board PCBA design development and production

2020-12-17 19:23:44 fandoukeji

Infrared induction electric automatic door control circuit board circuit board computer board PCBA design, development and production

Soft start function: slow heating, stable starting, which effectively prevents the motor from being too strong at the moment of starting, protects the motor, and has high safety.

Anti-crushing stroke design: When the door body reaches the opening or closing stroke limit, the door body can only run by pressing the opposite direction button to prevent the door body from rushing out of the stroke.

Time protection function design: to prevent the motor from running for a long time after the trip failure, the running time protection is 2 minutes;

Automatic door-closing function design: the time of automatic door-closing can be freely selected, and they are set as 1-120S automatic door-closing function.

Strength adjustment function design: the strength of the motor can be adjusted freely;

Automatic return lock function design.

Full-featured external interface design: infrared safety devices, speakers, and other access control products, which can be connected to infrared devices. When closing the door, it can realize obstacles, and the door body will automatically stop for 2 seconds and return to the original point to achieve a safe anti-collision and anti-pinch Features.

Motor high confidentiality design: with anti-jamming performance, the remote control is sensitive, the launch distance can reach 100M in open areas, the most advanced jump coding technology is adopted, and the safety performance is high.

Electric manual conversion function design: when the power is cut off, the clutch can be manually released, and the door body can be pushed, which is convenient to use.

Magnetic limit switch design: to ensure maximum displacement of the door, safe and reliable operation.

The above functions are for reference only, and control circuit boards for household appliances/automobiles/medical electronics can be customized according to customer's functional requirements