Smart thermostat custom development

2020-12-18 10:41:07 fandoukeji

Smart thermostat custom development

Temperature control range: -55-120 degrees

Control temperature accuracy: 0.1 degrees

Display color: red/blue

Power supply voltage: 24V/12V optional

Data storage: Yes

Relay: 10A appearance size 100MM*48MM*28MM

Display size: 37MM*18MM

Hole size: 71MM*41MM

Fixed hole distance: M3/86MM

Code description:



Predetermined area

Factory settings






Back difference




Maximum set limit




Set minimum limit




Temperature correction




Delay start

0-10 minutes



High temperature alarm




Data lock




Restore factory settings



One. temperature setting

After the thermostat is powered on, the actual temperature will be displayed. Press the SET key once and the screen will flash. Press the up and down keys to adjust the temperature.

two. Long press the SET button for 5 seconds to enter the system settings. After setting, press ENT to confirm and return. During normal work, long press ENT to shut down

three. PO: working mode

Set this value when the thermostat is used for the first time. If it is used for heating and heating, it is set to "H". If it is used for cooling and cooling, it is set to "C".

 P1 hysteresis setting

The return difference is the difference that the temperature controller needs to work again when it reaches the set temperature and stops thick. For example, if we set the heating mode and the temperature is 37-40 degrees, then the hysteresis is 3 degrees.

P2-P3: Set limit height

This function is to set the temperature limit range, and is not involved in the design of the temperature setting. Under normal conditions, the setting range of the thermostat is -5~120. If you don't want that large range, you can use this function to shorten the setting value. range. If P2 is set to 50 and P3 is set to 20, then the setting range of the thermostat can only be set between 20-50.

P4: Temperature correction

This function is used for temperature calibration. If there is a deviation between the actual temperature and the actual temperature, you can use this function to calibrate. The corrected value = the measured value + the corrected value. For example, if the temperature is 25.6 and the actual temperature is 25.8 degrees, then P4 Set to 0.2, then the displayed temperature is 25.6+0.2=25.8 degrees.

P5: Delay start

This function is generally used for compressor refrigeration. If you buy this thermostat for refrigerator or freezer, this value must be set. According to the size of the back pressure sent by the compression, the general setting value is 3-6 minutes. If it is not for controlling the compressor or Delay function is not needed, this value is set to "0"

P6: High temperature alarm

Set the high temperature alarm value. When the actual temperature exceeds this value, the screen and buzzer will prompt an alarm at the same time. At the same time, the output will be cut off to protect the safety of the circuit. The alarm is displayed on the screen as "H""H""H", and the buzzer sounds "di", "di" and "di".

P7: Data lock

If the set value needs to be protected to prevent others from modifying it at will, you can enter P7 and set it to ON after setting the parameters. After the setting is completed, the temperature and internal parameters cannot be modified. Unless you enter P7 and turn it OFF

P8: Restore factory settings

When the set value is out of order or malfunction occurs, you can enter P8 and turn it ON to restore the factory settings, or you can press the up and down keys to boot to restore the factory settings.