Intelligent Hydrometer System

2019-07-29 20:09:46

Intelligent Hydrometer System

Details of the programme

I. Industry Background

The traditional metering methods of hydropower meters are manual meter reading, centralized summary and reporting step by step for hydropower metering, which is extremely inconvenient. The remote centralized meter reading system can realize centralized data storage and unified management, which not only reduces manual work, but also improves efficiency, and provides accurate statistical data for relevant departments, saving time and effort.

II. Systematic overview

Water meter reading system is a remote meter reading management system independently developed by Suibei Science and Technology Co., Ltd. with independent intellectual property rights. It integrates domestic first-class brand related hardware products to provide users with industry-leading comprehensive prepaid management solutions. The system adopts Aliyun professional server, which avoids the tediousness of user self-building and maintenance server, greatly reduces user cost, guarantees the stable, safe, high-speed and efficient operation of the system. The system replaces traditional manual meter reading with automatic remote meter reading, and collects information in a real-time/timing way to collect data. To achieve unified management and centralized storage greatly improves work efficiency and measurement accuracy.

3. System Function

_Data acquisition: real-time or at intervals to collect table data, concentrator local storage time is long, large capacity.

Data query: real-time data and historical data query; alarm event query.

_Statistical settlement: according to customer needs, according to the time period, according to users, according to departments to classify statistics, settlement; generate various graphics, reports.

_Archives management: comprehensive management of user files, equipment parameters, acquisition schemes, system permissions, etc.

_Remote control: remote parameter setting, remote tariff sending, remote system upgrade, remote meter tripping, valve control, etc.

IV. System Characteristics

_The system components are highly integrated, with fewer failures and simple system maintenance.

Each acquisition terminal (concentrator/collector) works independently, and the network will never be paralysed.

_Collection terminal is flexible and convenient in installation, simple in construction and low in comprehensive cost.

Accurate data acquisition and good communication reliability.

_The system can read meter automatically, and the reading speed is fast.

_Data automatic backup and recovery.

Background software system automatic installation, support a variety of acquisition protocols, scalability, support remote upgrade.

5. Application scenarios

Apartments, residential areas, factories, campus dormitories, office buildings, shops, industrial parks, etc.