About Us

Enterprise information

Shenzhen Fandou Technology Co., Ltd., short for Saidou Technology, was established in 2016, focusing on research and development, production and sales of office desktop intelligent products, with the aim of providing the best intelligent products and services for white-collar office desktop.

The main business scope of Samadou Technology includes smart watches, smart speakers, voice translators, HIF headphones and other smart products, as well as related content services, e-commerce and so on.

The headquarters of Saidou Science and Technology is located in Baoan District of Shenzhen City. There are production factories in Dongguan and Huizhou. There are E-commerce Team offices in Shanghai and Beijing.

Enterprise strength

The company has a high-quality, experienced and skilled product research and development team, bringing together well-trained, vigorous, innovative marketing and project management personnel. With advanced technology, we should strive to develop and develop e-commerce products.

The company takes serving the desktop life of white-collar workers as its duty. It not only devotes itself to providing comfortable and pleasant product services for users, but also actively advocates advanced product culture concepts. Adhere to customer demand-driven product research and development, adhere to the practical, easy-to-use as product development and design ideas, adhere to the high cost-effective products to return customers'development line, rely on strong technical strength and perfect after-sales service as development dependence.

main products

Intelligent strap

Our talented design team

Modules such as display, touch, Bluetooth, body sense, vibration, battery and so on.

Put it in a thin watch band and interact with your mobile phone.

From scratch, the efficiency is nearly 1000%.

With your favorite watch as a whole, smart and elegant.

There is no compromise between intelligence and beauty.

From fixed phones to mobile phones, from mobile phones to wearable smart devices

From the pocket to pick up a mobile phone to lift wrist.

Everything has become more elegant and convenient.

Breaking traditional boundaries

Use the most traditional appearance to deduce the most intelligent watchband.

Without changing your traditional mechanical watch, you can have an intelligent assistant by changing the strap.

Beyond the traditional height

From Argentina calf leather, leather is smooth and delicate.

Clear skin texture

Waterproof and sweat proof leather for bottom skin.

Ultra HD display

OLED HD display, clearly displaying daily application information push and caller reminder. The HX smart meter can effectively filter the high frequency activity in the non-motion state, greatly improve the accuracy of step counting, and make the daily step measurement data more accurate.

Smart watch band

Different scenes match different heads.

Changing your mind makes you feel good every day.

Quick detachable strap

Compatible with major brand watches

Can match 20mm, 22mm size watch.

The strap can be disassembled in one second, and the whole watch band can be replaced in 5 seconds.

Speech translator

Intelligent network translator

Using the world's leading artificial intelligence technology, we can achieve real-time online translation between different languages, so that language communication is accessible.

This product mainly solves the problem of cross-language communication. It is very suitable for people going abroad and foreigners coming to China. It is widely suitable for travel, shopping, entertainment, making friends, learning foreign languages and other scenarios.

Using the intelligent big data network translation cloud platform, we will collect the global language libraries in real time. We will collect in-depth data on slang, catchwords, network terms, abbreviations of each language, and strive to build a human language library in an all-round way. We will also carry out bidirectional or multidirectional translation. By transforming text into a sequence of linguistic and acoustic features and learning human pronunciation, speech synthesis can also generate non-linguistic sounds such as breathing and mouth operation, which can reduce the difference between human and machine performance.

HIFI headset

1. The coaxial graphene double-acting coil with the hardest and the best elasticity in diaphragm is adopted. It has deep diving at low frequency, good elasticity, excellent transient response and sweet mid-frequency temperature.

2. Take the lead in using the independently developed composite dual-unit high frequency unit. The high frequency and ultra-high frequency are naturally connected, well extended, with excellent air sense and abundant overtone.

3. Unit-level frequency division and self-developed frequency division circuit form a 3-frequency channel with excellent separation and disorderly farewell voice.

4. The polymer coating with heat dissipation and thermal conductivity up to 1500W/m.K is added, which can work for a long time without heating, play with high power without breaking sound, and work continuously for 200 hours. The performance is stable.

5. all aluminum magnesium alloy fuselage, with 22 CNC and oxidation polishing process, has excellent handle and appearance atmosphere.

6. standard high pass and low pass two pairs can independently replace the audio filter filter, and achieve a multi use.

7. MMCX universal wire interface, upgrade the balance line can achieve balance system decoding and ear amplifier, to meet the needs of higher-level players.

Loudspeaker type: 10mm double action coil + double acting iron (31784)

Test voltage: 179MV

Frequency division: 3 frequency division

Horn impedance: 32

Sensitivity of finished headphones: 101 + 2dB

Distortion: less than 1%